Up and Running with Excel What-If Analysis

with Curt Frye
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Up and Running with Excel What-If Analysis
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Make better decisions for your business by taking a deeper dive into your data with Microsoft Excel's analysis tools. In this advanced course, Curt Frye shows how to analyze hypothetical business cases using formulas and variable data. He'll show you how to build data tables, define alternative data sets with scenarios, find target values with Goal Seek, and analyze complex problems with Solver. The last two chapters show you how to create a configurable model with sliders and check boxes and how to run a Monte Carlo simulation.

Topics include:
  • Creating a scenario
  • Defining data tables
  • Finding a target value with Goal Seek
  • Defining constraints and running Solver
  • Creating a configurable model
  • Manipulating your model
  • Running a Monte Carlo simulation
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- Hi, I'm Curt Frye. Welcome to Up and Running with Excel What-If Analysis. In this course, I will show you how to use Excel to answer business questions, using variable data. I'll start by demonstrating how to define alternative data sets, using scenarios. And then move on to varying formula inputs, using one and a two variable data tables. Next I'll show you how to find a target value using Goal Seek, and then how to analyze complex problems using Solver. The final two chapters demonstrate the power of building models into your Excel worksheets.

Chapter three shows you how vary inputs into a model, using tools such as Sliders and Check Boxes. While Chapter four, shows you how to create a Monte Carlos simulation, using random events to model a business process. All of these methods provide the power and flexibility you need to make good decisions for your company. I'm sure you'll find that your time with Up and Running with Excel What-If Analysis will be time well spent. Dive right in.

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