Excel 2013 Essentials: How to Move, Copy and Group Sheets

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Moving, copying, and grouping sheets

You can easily move a worksheet to a different location within the same workbook or you can copy of a worksheet within the same workbook. And at times you might even want to change multiple sheets of the same workbook at the same time. In this workbook 09-03-RegionalSales we want to move the Midwest sheet to the right of South, we simply Click that Tab and drag it rightward. Sometimes we want to make a copy, maybe this data here is questionable, we might want to work with this separately, if we want to copy a worksheet, there are two ways to do this, we can Right-Click the sheet tab and choose Move or Copy and then create a copy and then Click OK.

We also can position it while we are doing this if we wish before a certain sheet, the example here if I do nothing special, it will put this before the East sheet, copy of Midwest. A much, much faster way is that if I want a copy of Midwest, I will start to drag it and hold down the Ctrl key, as I do, there is a plus that appears within that icon and I can put this anywhere I want, perhaps I will put it off here to the side after Pacific or after Sheet1, wherever I wish. In doing this though, you must let go of the mouse first. So a Ctrl+Drag as it sometimes is called, is a much faster way of copying a worksheet.

Now it's also possible that you might want to copy this sheet, this time the Pacific to a different workbook that's open or possibly to a brand new workbook by Right-Clicking a sheet tab and choosing Move or Copy. We can create a copy, To book. If we have other workbooks open, we will see that here, but we do have the choice New Book. Create a copy in a new book, Click OK. And we now have a new workbook open it's going to be called Book1, Book2 et cetera, we save it at the top of the screen and here we have a copy of that Pacific worksheet from the other workbook that we started with.

And pressing Ctrl+Tab will take us back to the other workbook. Now if we want to make changes to these, let's consider we might want to make change to the East, the South, the Midwest and the Pacific. For the moment we will be ignoring Midwest. If we want to select multiple sheets, if there is a cluster of them, we can Click on the first or the last sheet and then using the Shift key, Click on the Sheet at the other end. So for example, if I have selected Pacific and I want to make changes to the East, South, Midwest and Pacific sheets, I will now hold down the Shift key and Click East.

And anytime you have grouped sheets they have a different look to them and be sensitive to the notation at the top of the screen. You will see the word Group in brackets whenever you have got two or more sheets grouped. So, these four sheets are grouped. Imagine that on all four of these, we want to have an empty row between the current rows, 6 and 7. So I will simply Right-Click row 7 here and insert. And for the moment I am looking at the Pacific sheet and we see the new row, but if I Click Midwest, you see the new row and South and East and they are still grouped.

And I remember not that long ago, changing a number here, thinking that I was only changing a number say for East here, and because these are still grouped if I do change that number, what happens, this number will change on all four sheets at the same time. You can ungroup the sheets by either Clicking on one of the sheets that's not part of the group or simply Right-Click and ungroup the sheets. So as we have seen, you can move a sheet, you can copy a sheet, sometimes even to a new workbook or to another open workbook and you can group sheets and make changes to multiple sheets at the same time.

Moving, copying, and grouping sheets
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Moving, copying, and grouping sheets provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Dennis Taylor as part of the Excel 2013 Essential Training

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