Managing and Analyzing Data in Excel 2010

with Dennis Taylor
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Managing and Analyzing Data in Excel 2010
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In this course, Dennis Taylor shares easy-to-use database commands and methods for maintaining an Excel database. The course covers sorting, adding subtotals, auto-filtering, and using the Excel Advanced Filter feature and specialized database functions.

Topics include:
  • Multiple key sorting
  • Single and multiple column numeric filters
  • Creating a top-ten list with values or percentages
  • Setting up subtotals
  • Creating multiple-field criteria filters
  • Creating unique lists from repeating field data
  • Using the Remove Duplicates command
  • Finding duplicate data with specialized arrays
  • Counting the number of unique items in a list
  • Using SUMIF and COUNTIF functions
  • Working with the database functions such as DSUM and DMAX
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Dennis Taylor, and I'm pleased to present Managing and Analyzing Data in Excel. When you work with large lists and database-like structures, you need tools to manage your data and get the most information out of it. Excel has a variety of features specifically designed for these purposes, and we will cover them in detail in this course. We'll start by showing you a variety of ways to use the most important data management tool, sorting, and then show you how to automatically insert subtotals into sorted lists. We will also show you how you can see just the data you need, using filtering, how to identify and delete duplicate data, and how to gather valuable statistical information via the SUMIF family of functions, and the database statistical functions.

So, let's get started, with Managing and Analyzing Data in Excel.

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