Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks

with Dennis Taylor
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Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks
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Increase your Excel productivity with the power user tips and tricks packed into this fast-paced course. Dennis Taylor will show you how to create formulas quickly, split data into columns, apply formatting, build charts, and fast-track routine data-entry chores. Short on time? Make sure to check out the "Top Ten Shortcuts" and "Ten Tiny Tips" chapters for a quick productivity boost. Start now and get an immediate return on your investment, with powerful techniques that will save you hours every week.

Topics include:
  • Converting formulas to values with a simple drag
  • Entering today's date or time instantly
  • Accessing Ribbon commands from the keyboard
  • Creating split screens fast
  • Navigating quickly
  • Entering data more efficiently
  • Performing calculations without formulas
  • Applying formatting with keyboard shortcuts
  • Using database techniques to work with Excel data


- [Voiceover] Hi I'm Dennis Taylor and welcome to Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks. In this course I'll show you how to use this popular software more efficiently. Most Excel users are under-utilizing it because they're not aware of the many keystroke short cuts and techniques that they could be using. Whether you need to create formulas quickly, split data into columns, apply numeric formats, create charts in a flash, accelerate data entry chores, or just learn the top ten shortcuts that every Excel user should know, you can save time by learning some of the tips in this course.

We've got a lot to cover, so let's get started with Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks.

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