Excel 2013 Power Shortcuts

with Curt Frye
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Excel 2013 Power Shortcuts
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Discover over 65 tips, tricks, and shortcuts in Microsoft Excel. In this course, Curt Frye reveals how to invoke commands, manage and organize data, and build formulas in Excel. Curt shares his power shortcuts for saving time on basic tasks, from entering data and selecting cell ranges to summarizing data with charts and tables and quickly finding information.

Topics include:
  • Entering a data series using the fill handle
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Setting a print area
  • Applying a table style
  • Creating substitute data sets using scenarios
  • Wrapping and shrinking text
  • Creating a data entry form
  • Removing duplicate values
  • Inserting the current date or time
  • Generating a list of unique random numbers
  • Calculating running totals
  • Analyzing a formula for errors
  • Summarizing data with charts and PivotTables


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Curt Frye. Welcome to Excel 2013 Power Shortcuts. In this course, I will show you how to use Excel 2013 efficiently. You'll learn how to use an Excel table column in a formula, create hyperlinks to other resources, and analyze data using the new Quick Analysis lens. Next, I'll show you how to control the Excel program and its user interface, such as by customizing the Quick Access Toolbar, and finding commands that aren't on the ribbon. I'll then move on to managing workbooks and worksheets.

I cover skills such as: finding a target value, picking data from a list, and using the new Flash Fill feature to manage your data. You'll learn how to generate a list of unique random numbers, analyze formulas for errors, and create a chart by pressing one key. I'm sure you'll find that your time with Excel 2013 Power Shortcuts will be time well spent. Dive right in.

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