How to Add Comments to Documents in Excel 2013

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Adding comments

For good worksheet documentation and just to help others who might be using this workbook and maybe even yourself at later date, adding a comment to a cell is very helpful. For example, maybe in this worksheet the number in cell G2, the June Sales expense is questionable. The person who handles this information, who gave it to you is named Joan. So, anybody else who uses this might want to check with Joan. So, you're going to add a comment here. You can press Shift+F2 or right-click and "Insert a Comment".

Usually, you'll see your name here followed by this and so we'll simply type in, for example, here, "Check with Joan to see if this is correct". Your comment can be quite long too. As we click away from this, we see a red triangle in the cell. Slide back over it, we see it again. So, that's your visual clue as to whether there is a comment in the cell. If you were to print this worksheet you wouldn't see the red triangle there. Now, there might be another one over here, maybe this number is questionable and you got that from a different person, so we could do something similar--this time I'll press Shift+F2--once again seeing the name and say, "Ask Max about this".

Now, obviously these are not major comments as we're using them here, but you can imagine how if you've got an unusual formula or you've got a questionable piece of data, putting in these kinds of comments is going to help in the long run. Documenting worksheets is something that a lot of people never do, and these are handy. Notice also that on the Review Tab you've got a choice called "Show All Comments". So, we do have this option, click this, and both comments appear. We might want to move these borders around and while they're visible we can do that.

We can also shrink the edges if we put the mouse on the corner or the sides, we can drag to make them smaller if we wanted to do that sort of thing; that's not really critical, but you can do that too. When it comes to printing, there's a way to print these as they appear here or we can have them all stacked up on a separate page. That's particularly helpful when you have many of these. So, we do have a control over these. If we don't want to show them all, we can turn off that feature, but maybe we want one of them to show for a while and not the other. For example, this one, we'll right-click on this one and Show/ Hide Comments, but that's just for this one.

So, you do have the option of displaying one or both or many as the case maybe in different ways, and simply, if we have one of them showing and we don't want it to show anymore, we'll right- click here and "hide the comment". Once again, we've got red triangles on the two to alert us to these. Now, I have seen this feature used too much, I got a worksheet once and there were over 500 of these, it just kind of drove me crazy, but I think here and there you want to use these. It does provide good worksheet documentation; it helps others and you understand what's going on in a worksheet.

Adding comments
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Adding comments provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Dennis Taylor as part of the Excel 2013 Essential Training

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