Excel 2010 New Features

with Bob Flisser
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Excel 2010 New Features
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In Excel 2010 New Features author Bob Flisser demonstrates the powerful new characteristics and capabilities in Excel 2010. This course covers Excel's Backstage view, improved sharing and collaboration capabilities, its graphics features, and enhanced data analysis and visualization tools. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using the Slicer feature for dynamic PivotTable filtering
  • Sharing workbooks via e-mail, the Excel Web App, and SharePoint
  • Using Paste Preview for more effecient copying and pasting
  • Inserting Sparklines to see patterns in data
  • Taking advantage of enhancements to the Conditional Formatting feature
  • Analyzing data from multiple sources using the PowerPivot for Excel add-in
  • Maintaining file compatibility with older versions


- Welcome to new features of Excel 2010. I'm Bob Flisser, and I'll be your instructor for this course. I'm going to show you the new backstage view and templates that live up to the promise of being easy to use. I'll also show you enhancements to data analysis as well as integration with Enterprise computing. We'll look at ways of converting workbooks between different versions of Excel and options for sharing workbooks within your company and in the cloud. We'll also see tiny charts that actually fit inside a single cell.

If you ever needed to insert graphics or math equations in your worksheets, there're some great new features I'm sure you'll like. You can even compile data from many different sources, even Enterprise databases, into the same worksheet, and analyze them as easily as if they were on your own hard drive. Since this is a new features course, I'm going to assume you already use Excel and just want to know what the new features of the 2010 version are. If you're new to Excel, you should watch some of the essential training movies on Lynda.com first.

So, let's get started learning the new features of Microsoft Excel 2010.

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