Excel 2010: Charts in Depth

with Dennis Taylor
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Excel 2010: Charts in Depth
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In this course, Dennis Taylor shows how to analyze and communicate the value of data with charts in Excel. The course starts with the foundations: what the parts of a chart are, what the different types of charts are, and which charts work best for your data. The course then shows how to create a presentation-ready chart in minutes and offers dozens of in-depth tutorials on formatting and fine-tuning charts so they represent data clearly and accurately.

Topics include:
  • Identifying the plot area, chart area, gridlines, legends, and more
  • Selecting the right chart type
  • Creating charts instantly with shortcuts
  • Choosing a layout
  • Dealing with empty and hidden cells
  • Switching rows and columns for a different view of the data
  • Moving and resizing a chart
  • Inserting pictures and shapes
  • Adding labels to a chart
  • Analyzing existing and future data with trendlines
  • Changing a chart's data source
  • Printing charts


- [Voiceover] Hi I'm Dennis Taylor and welcome to Excel 2010 charts in depth. Creating charts is one of Excel's most powerful yet easy to use features. In this course we'll be looking at the concepts underlying charts and the tools to implement those concepts. I'll show you how to create standard useful charts very quickly and then how to fine tune those charts with a variety of tools and features. We'll see how to give greater impact to your charts with pictures and shapes and then examine the most effective use of titles, labels, legends, axis, and grid lines.

We'll look at analytical tools that help you make sense of chart data and we'll show you how to use an exciting new chart like feature in Excel 2010, sparklines. Charts inside of a cell that reveal trends and totals at a glance. If you're not using charts then you're missing out on the one of the most popular and easy to use features of Excel. So join me in Excel 2010 charts in depth.

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