Migrating from Excel 2008 for Mac to Excel 2011

with David Rivers
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Migrating from Excel 2008 for Mac to Excel 2011
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In Migrating from Excel 2008 for Mac to Excel 2011, David Rivers shows Excel 2008 for Mac users how to make the transition to Excel 2011. The course reviews the key differences between the two versions, including the new Ribbon interface, and demonstrates how common Excel 2008 tasks are performed in Excel 2011. The course also covers working in a mixed Excel environment and dealing with file compatibility issues. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Using keyboard shortcuts
  • Understanding file format differences
  • Staying compatible with the Compatibility Report
  • Working with 2011 functions
  • Using templates
  • Recording VBA macros
  • Creating PivotTable reports
  • Protecting cells in a workbook
  • Sharing a workbook
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- [Voiceover] Hi and welcome to Migrating from Excel 2008 to Excel 2011, I'm David Rivers. Microsoft has incorporated some major changes and some improvements in Excel 2011. So if you plan on migrating from Excel 2008, this course will help to make your transition to Excel 2011 as smooth and seamless as possible. We'll begin with a discussion about the reasons to switch to Excel 2011 before we take a tour of the new and improved fluent user interface, examining the ribbon and keyboard shortcuts.

We'll explore compatibility and how you'll be able to work better with users of Excel for Windows, and, we'll look at how some of the common functions and commands you may have been using in Excel 2008 have changed in Excel 2011. For the most part, these changes are either totally new or greatly improved. So with all these topics to cover, let's get started.

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