Excel 2007: Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

with Dennis Taylor
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Excel 2007: Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
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In Excel 2007: Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks, author Dennis Taylor shows how to move and copy data to multiple worksheets and gives tips for adding, moving, and navigating worksheets and workbooks efficiently. This course covers how to make global changes, create simple formulas that connect different worksheets, make super-efficient 3-D formulas to calculate summary totals from multiple worksheets, and use pivot tables to summarize data from multiple workbooks. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Navigating across worksheets and workbooks
  • Displaying multiple worksheets or workbooks simultaneously
  • Inserting, deleting, moving, and copying sheets
  • Changing sheet names and tab colors
  • Showing and hiding worksheets
  • Creating linkage formulas among workbooks
  • Locating and managing links


- Hi, I'm Dennis Taylor, and welcome to Excel 2007, Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks. Putting a lot of data into just one worksheet is not always the most efficient way to store data. Excel's multi-worksheet capabilities give you many tools and techniques for efficient data management and control. In this course, I'll show you the critical tasks associated with multiple sheet workbooks and interrelated workbooks as well. Included are techniques for navigating across worksheets and workbooks with speed and confidence, displaying multiple worksheets or different workbooks simultaneously, mastering utility tasks associated with multiple worksheets such as inserting, deleting, moving and copying sheets as well as changing the color of sheet tabs and hiding and unhiding sheets, editing multiple worksheets simultaneously, creating super-efficient 3D formulas to calculate summary totals for multiple worksheets, creating linkage formulas and managing those links between different workbooks, and moving or copying worksheets or selected data from one workbook to another.

As a long-time user of Excel, I know these techniques can make your life a lot easier, and I'm excited to be able to share them with you. So let's get started with Excel 2007, Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks.

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