Excel 2007 Essential Training

with Lorna Daly
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Excel 2007 Essential Training
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Like the other applications in Microsoft Office 2007, Excel 2007 boasts upgraded features and a brand-new look. In Excel 2007 Essential Training , instructor Lorna A. Daly introduces the new version in detail. The training begins with the essentials of using the program, including how and why to use a spreadsheet, how to set up and modify worksheets, and how to import and export data. Lorna then moves on to teach more advanced features, such as working with functions and macros. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.



Hi, I'm Lorna Daly and I'll be your guide on a fun exploration of the latest release of Excel from Microsoft Excel 2007. I've been training people on software applications for the last 15 years. From users afraid to touch the keyboard, to those who feel like they're old pros. One of the things I like most about training software is helping people make the transition from one space to the next. When you first open up this Excel application, you'll feel like the novice user because the interface is so different. But with my guidance, you'll feel like an old pro by the time you've reached the final movie.

So if you're ready to start, let's begin, and I'll see you again at the end of your tour.

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Q: When trying to apply the techniques from the “Relative and absolute referencing” video to a worksheet other than the exercise file included with the title, the formulas did not work for the entire worksheet. The formulas would only work when going through the worksheet row by row. What could be causing this to happen?
A: When trying to apply formulas to a whole workshee, here is a tip to try:

If you want to always refer to the same cell then use an absolute reference. For example, always pulling the value from cell A3 would be referenced as $A$3. This will never change no matter where you copy it to in the spreadsheet.

 If you want to reuse the same formula, but with values in different cells,  use the relative reference, A3. This way formula =A3*B3 will become =A4*B4 as you copy it down a column.
Q: In the chapter 7 video "Sorting and Grouping" at approximately 4:05, the author says to go to cell 5 on the worksheet and click on Subtotal to subtotal the grouping. My screen will not allow me to click on the Subtotal option at the top of the page. Is this an issue with my version of Excel?
A: It seems that there is an error in the instructions in this video. The video should have instructed users to do the subtotaling first, then create the table.
Q: Where can I learn more about Excel formulas?
A: Discover more on this topic by visiting Excel formulas on lynda.com.
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