The Favorites bar

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The Favorites bar

Moving down from the top of the Entourage window, the next row of items we see here is called the Favorites bar. This is another new feature of Entourage 2008 and it's there to give you super quick access to any of the folders or areas that you use all the time in Entourage. You start with four default items. We've got the Inbox, Calendar and To-do list and one called Sent directly to me. This last item, Sent directly to me, is a good example of the very specific types of folders you can create in Entourage and add to the Favorites bar if you like. This folder has been set up to display only e-mails that were sent just to me as the main recipient so if I want to ignore all the e-mails have my address is part of a mass e-mailing, I can just click this button in the Favorites bar.

The actual folder itself is located here in the Mail section under Mail Views, right there, Sent directly to me. And all these items under Mail Views are these predefined folders that filter through you mail and let you quickly see e-mails that have been, say flagged or set to high priority or categorized as personal and so on. And I'll show you how to set these up later but if you want to have any other folders like these or others to the Favorites bar, all you have to do is grab it. Say I want to grab this unread folder here, and drag that right to the Favorites bar. And that will give me in, this case, quick access to all unread e-mail in Entourage no matter which mailbox it happens to be in.

I click on unread, and they will all appear and I don't really have many other e-mails other than this first one we get when we set up Entourage but we'll see how this works a little bit later. And that's basically the gist of it. There's really not much to it but the Favorites bar can be a great asset for helping you navigate quickly around Entourage to your most frequently visited areas. And just like with the toolbar, if you want to get rid of any items that you might have placed in here, you can just drag it up or down and release your mouse. And it's gone. Or if you don't find yourself using the Favorites bar much at all, you can turn it off by going to the View menu and choosing Hide Favorites Bar. I do use it occasionally so I'll just leave it on and it really doesn't take up that much room.

And just a reminder that the View menu doesn't show up when you have the calendar selected. Notice there's no View menu up there. But it is there when you have any of the other five categories selected in Entourage. So just when you have calendar selected that View menu is not going to be up there. Because I didn't want you looking up there and then wondering where it went. So now we've covered the toolbar and the Favorites bar. In the next movie, we'll continue looking at the Entourage interface by checking out the main window area down here.

The Favorites bar
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The Favorites bar provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the Entourage 2008 for Mac Essential Training

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