Office for Mac 2008 New Features

with David Rivers
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Office for Mac 2008 New Features
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Office for Mac 2008 New Features takes a comprehensive look at every new feature in this powerful suite of professional applications for the Mac. From exploring new interfaces and upgrades to specific features such as Excel's formula builder and PowerPoint's dynamic guides, David Rivers covers each of the key attributes for those new to Office and those upgrading from earlier versions.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the new interface Using automater workflows in Excel Using the publishing layout in Word Sending PowerPoint slideshows to iPhoto Using Excel's new ledger sheets Creating charts Using filtering and phishing filters in Entourage Managing events and tasks in Calendar
Office for Mac


- [Voiceover] Hi, and welcome to Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 New Feature training. I'm David Rivers. There are big changes in this latest release of Microsoft's Office Suite built for the Mac, with some of the biggest improvements showing up behind the scenes. For example, Office 2008 uses the same XML-based file format as the 2007 Microsoft Office system on Windows-based computers, so the files you create in Office 2008 on your Mac will always look the same on a Windows PC running Office 2007. Because Office runs on Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macs, you'll be able to share ideas easily with other Mac users, regardless of which Mac they use.

Office 2008 has been redesigned and reinvented to be more compatible with other applications, more powerful, and more intuitive, making it easier to use. In this title, we'll explore the fresh, new interface designed to make it easy for you to discover new ways to present your ideas and manage your day. We'll discuss new and improved tools shared across the suite like the Elements Gallery, SmartArt graphics and themes, to help you create professional looking documents with ease. We'll explore new and improved features found in each of the individual applications in the suite, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Entourage.

So, let's get start4ed.

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