Up and Running with Encore CS6

with Jeff Sengstack
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Up and Running with Encore CS6
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In this course, author Jeff Sengstack shows how to build DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and Flash-based web DVDs in Encore CS6. The course goes step by step through the DVD authoring workflow, from importing assets and working with timelines and slideshows to building custom menus and defining navigation. The course also shares quick and easy methods for linking assets to buttons and details the export process for each output type.

Topics include:
  • Creating a basic project
  • Linking dynamically to Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • Working with menu text and buttons
  • Defining navigation and using a flowchart
  • Previewing and testing a project
  • Burning a DVD or Blu-ray disc or exporting a web DVD
Encore Premiere Pro


- Hi, I'm Jeff Sengstack and welcome to Up and Running with Encore CS6. Inside this course, we're going to cover a number of topics. Topping the list will be bringing assets into Encore. After you bring those assets in, you need to create what are called elements inside Encore, and those elements include timelines, where the video and audio goes as well as the slides. And then after you create your timelines and slideshows, you work on menus. Once the menus are created, we're going to link up all of the buttons to the various timelines and other assets and other menus and then we're going to build our project.

And you can build it in one of three different ways. You can burn a DVD or burn a Blu-ray disc or create that Flash DVD project. So we're going to cover all those topics and more here inside Up and Running with Encore CS6.

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