Up and Running with Encore CS5

with Maxim Jago
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Up and Running with Encore CS5
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Author and experienced editor Maxim Jago is your guide to Encore, Adobe's powerful DVD authoring tool, which some people find intimidating, often because they're not familiar with the concept of object-oriented design. With Maxim's help you can clear this hurdle right at the beginning of the workshop, and before you know it, you'll be creating complex DVDs, Blu-rays, and web videos. Plus, learn about dynamic linking with Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. The workshop includes all of the assets used in the lessons, as well as Encore project files to help you get started right away.

Topics include:
  • Getting to know Encore
  • Creating a project
  • Creating a simple DVD
  • Working with menus
  • Adding slideshows and playlists
  • Creating menu templates
  • Using Dynamic Link
  • Previewing and outputting
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- Hi, I'm Maxim Jago. I'm a director, editor, trainer, and author. As a filmmaker, I've worked on over 50 productions, often as editor. As a trainer, I've taught creatives working just about everywhere, including broadcasters in several countries, independent filmmakers, and educators. I often work for Adobe providing specialist training for creative organizations like the BBC. And I've produced course materials for global training programs. I like to think my creative work gives me a special highly-biased view of the tools I'm teaching, and I'll be sharing with you my best practice workflows.

Adobe Encore is amazing. It's far and away the most user friendly DVD authoring tool I know, and yet many owners are afraid to get started. This is often simply because they've never encountered object-orientated design before. Where the way items, like buttons, menus, shapes, and timelines behave is governed by a single properties panel. We'll jump this tiny hurdle right at the start, and before you know it you'll be creating advanced, complex DVDs, Blu-rays, and web videos. We'll also be learning a little about dynamic linking with Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop.

All of the assets used in these lessons are included for you to work alongside, or to experiment with later. As well as partially complete Encore project files, so you can get started super quickly. I think you'll find these videos are all you need to get creating with Adobe Encore.

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