Creating a new project

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Creating a new project

In this chapter, we're going to back up just a little bit and talk about the foundations of Encore and starting from scratch here. So we're going to talk about creating a new project this movie. So with this Welcome Screen, go ahead and click on the New Project button. Here we have all the settings, which again, might be little intimidating if you're new to DVD authoring or to the world of video. But fear not, it's not as challenging as it might seem. First thing, we need to create a Name and a Location to save our project. So I'm going to go ahead and create a New Project, or I am going to call it New Project.

I'm going to click Browse to choose where to save it. I'm going to choose the Chapter 04 folder of the Exercise Files. Of course, you could save yours wherever you'd like. I'm going to go ahead and click Choose. Now be aware that with Encore files, you'll also find other folders that are created by Encore. So if go back and click the Browse button, I go back to Exercise Files and look at a previous chapter we've have done, such as Chapter 03, you could see that there is an ncor file, ncore and Encore. That's kind of cool. That's the file extension for an Encore Project. So we made the Bits and Bytes project, but Encore also created the Bits and Bytes folder with all kinds of extra data and junk that it uses in the same folder as the Project folder.

So I'm going to go ahead and hit Cancel. I just want to show you that Encore does that, just so you don't think you're crazy. There's are all these folders that you didn't create on your own, on your hard drive. That's where we choose, in our Project Settings area here, the Authoring mode, whether it's Blu-ray or whether it's DVD. Now as you could see here in that Transcode Settings area, this changes based on what we have selected. So if we click Blu-ray, than we automatically transcode something. These are the Dimension, the Frame Rate, all that kind of stuff it's going to have. We select DVD, it has a different set of Dimensions, and other attributes as well.

Now as discussed before, this is also where we choose the Television Standard: NTSC or PAL. I'm just going to go ahead and set this to DVD, NTSC and click OK. So that's really all there is to creating a New Project. Now what we could do anytime is go up to the File menu here and choose Project Settings. If you do some research and you say, you know what? I actually want to change my project from NTSC to PAL, it's not going to let you do that. So notice that the Television Standard dropdown is set.

So in that case, you'd have to start all over again with a new project. So again, that's why I mentioned in the last chapter, you really want to know where your final project is going be output to, so you create that Television Standard correctly from the first place. However, if you go through and make a bunch of menus, and you decide, you know what? I asked you want to burn this to Blu-ray, that is not actually a challenge. So you can just change this Authoring mode to Blu-ray. That will give you access to Blu-ray features and Blu-ray Transcode Settings. You go ahead and click OK. That's all there is to changing whether you're going to be outputting to Blu-ray or a DVD.

Likewise, if you have your Project set to Blu-ray, of course, and you can just go back to DVD at any time as well. That's really all you need to know to create a new Encore project.

Creating a new project
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Creating a new project provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Encore CS5 Essential Training

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