Creating chapter markers

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Creating chapter markers

Next, we are going to look at creating Chapter Markers, which is hugely important when you're creating scenes and submenus, so that people know exactly where they need to go. If they are watching your DVD, and they hit the Next button, they will advance to the next chapter marker. So it's important that these are placed at interesting spots. Now for this Training Series we can't really fit an entire 90-minute full-length movie with the Exercise Files. It's just too big, and you probably wouldn't want to download that anyway. So we have here a movie file with some different scenes in it, and this is kind of representative of a full-length movies, of course, it's only 15 seconds long.

But this symbolically will represent a full-length movie. So we have here this train scene, and then we cut to some guys on a bike. So what I want to do is come down here to my Timeline panel here, which is where the Timeline exists. And there actually already is a Chapter Marker for you here at the first frame. Encore does that automatically. You can see part of it is sticking out here. So I can move on, and I want to find the first frame of the bikes, which is right there at 3 seconds and 6 frames in.

Then to create a Chapter Marker, I could simply click this button here in the Timeline panel. That creates a new Chapter, Chapter 2. I could also click this button here in the monitor. I'm going to now move along until the next cut, which will be right here on the beach. Let's say this is the next scene, at 6 seconds and 7 frames in. And again, I could hit the Add Chapter button at the bottom of the monitor. Now I could navigate through these chapters by clicking these buttons here at the bottom of the monitor, go to the Previous Chapter or the Next Chapter.

I am going to find one more scene, the next cut here, which should be the guy talking. There he is. On this frame, I'm going to add another Chapter Marker, but I am going to do it in an easier way by using a keyboard shortcut. That is the Asterisk key on the numeric keypad on my computer. Press that and the Chapter Marker is, again, automatically added. So now imagine it is a full-length movie. People are watching this train for a good long while, and if they're done with it, they can press the Fast Forward button, and skim it, or they could push the Next button, and that will jump them to this number 2 Chapter Marker.

Now, again, this is really helpful because if I have a Submenu here, which I'll go ahead and launch from the General Set of the Library panel, Blue Notes Submenu, we could actually drag these Chapter Markers to different video buttons. So we are actually not showing different videos. We are actually showing different scenes of the same video. Now, if you notice when I drag the first Chapter Marker, which is the area with the train, and I drag that first Chapter Marker up to the Take 1 video button here, you notice that it had a different look for taking this frame over here where this 1 is.

Now it's because the Poster Frame for Frame 0, the starting frame, was not appropriate, and so it used a different frame called a Poster Frame. So we'll talk about that in the next movie. But be aware that Chapter Markers are really an integral part of DVD authoring because of this very feature, so that people can get into the video where they want.

Creating chapter markers
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Creating chapter markers provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Encore CS5 Essential Training

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