Creating Flash web sites

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Creating Flash web sites

Now as we've been talking about, Encore gives you the power to create Flash-based Web sites. These are actually really powerful Web sites. One of the things we haven't talked about yet is I'm going to go to the menu Final here I am going to click on the Locations button, and if we go over the Properties panel, and we're looking at a Button here, if we go to the bottom we can check Enable WebLink for Flash. So if we are going to take this project out to Flash, we can actually make it so this button becomes a Web link and links to an external site, like

That's pretty awesome. This project, Our Story, links to this timeline here and Products links to this slideshow here. So we are all ready and good to go. So I am going to go over to the Build panel, and I am going to change the Format from DVD to Flash. We get a few different options for this, and we need to choose a Destination. Where on our hard drive is this going to save to? We also need to the choose the type of video, whether it's could be F4V or FLV.

FLV has long been a standard and is compatible with most people's Internet browsers. F4V is a more optimal format. You're going to get better video at lower file sizes, but it's not as compatible. It came out little bit more recently than FLV did. We could also choose a Preset for the video. We could even go to high def and Widescreen. We have Standard and basically fullscreen, and we have different quality levels for each of these different pixel dimensions. Now what's going to happen is Encore is going to take your Flash Web site and make it a SWF file, and it's going to embed that SWF file inside of an HTML document.

And so you can choose one of these templates one of these HTML templates that comes with Encore, or you can import a template that you make on your own. Now the reason I am not able to build it is because I have not chosen a Destination to save it. But I've already gone ahead and created this for you because it does take a while. It has to be transcoded and all of that. So I am going to go to the Web site, and here is our Encore project in our Web browser. It is exactly what those on the Web would see. We have the subpicture highlights with the rollovers.

I can click, and there is my footage. We have Volume Controls over here on the right-hand side. That particular video clip does not have any audio, excuse me. Actually, I'm going to go back there. I have not done explaining it yet. I have a Pause button here. I could jump to the next chapter, to the previous chapter and any time, I can click this button to go up a level, which is actually the main menu. Let's see what a slideshow looks like on the Web. I am going to click on Products. (Music playing.) Pretty cool! So you get the idea, and we could just stop playing there and go up a menu, and there you have it.

Now I'm going to click on this Locations button, and nothing is going to happen. This would take us to This is our Web link button. However, when you're previewing this locally, sometimes the security features of your Web browser, and this is the case with me here, will not permit this to happen, but when you actually use this on a Web site, there are not any problems. You could also see this really cool little template that Encore made for me automagically, without me having to do anything. But this is the power of Encore.

I mean this is really a fully functioning Web site. We can go to other Web sites. We can look at video, slides and all kinds of stuff that we would normally have in Encore on a DVD, we could now put on the Web because of this great feature.

Creating Flash web sites
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Creating Flash web sites provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Encore CS5 Essential Training

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