How to Create Blu-Ray Pop-Up Menus in Encore CS5

show more Creating Blu-ray pop-up menus provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Encore CS5 Essential Training show less
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Creating Blu-ray pop-up menus

So let's look at Blu-ray pop-up menus. A pop-up menu is something that is a menu. It pops up while you are watching your content. So let's say while you're watching a movie, you can click the pop-up menu button on your remote while you're watching your Blu-ray disc, and the menu, like this, will just pop up over the screen. It's really convenient, because if you're want to change the language, or change some aspect of it, or even watch something else, you don't have to stop watching what you're doing and go back to the main menu to do it. Another cool aspect of this is that the pop-up menus are semi-transparent.

Now, I've created this really weak, pathetic pop-up menu here. And it's important to know the background is not significant. I would love to add some pizzazz here, as is my tendency, but it doesn't matter because all that's left when you create a pop-up menu and it pops-up is the buttons. That's all that matters. The background is irrelevant and Encore will just toss it away. So we have our pop-up menu here. Let's go back into Encore and see how this works. I'm going to right-click in the Project panel. I'm going to import this as a menu, actually.

If we know what we're doing, we've planned ahead, and we can just go ahead and import it as a pop-up menu and save ourselves some time. But if you forget to do that, if it's kind of a new process for you, not figuring out what to do, I'll show you how to convert a regular menu into a pop-up menu. So I'm going to import this as a menu, go to the PSD Files folder in our Media files, and I'm going to choose pop-up menu.psd and click Open. You'll notice if I click on my pop-up menu, I see the dimensions, 1280x780, also my footage and timeline are 1280 x 720 as well.

With all those sizes going around out there with Blu-ray, you want to make sure that your pop-up menu and your Timeline are going to be the same pixel dimensions. Now, to convert this to a pop-up menu, we need to click the menu to select it in the Project panel. Go to the Properties panel of the menu, and there is a Pop-up tab. So click on the Pop-up tab, and we could simply just click Set as Blu-ray Pop-up menu. And there you go. And as mentioned, as soon as we do that, the white background is gone, and we can even see the semi- transparency in these buttons. The way that this works is that pop-up menus need to be associated with timelines.

So we connect the pop-up menu to the timelines because the menu goes up over the timeline, so a rather peculiar relationship that we don't have with DVDs. So I'm going to go ahead and click on the timeline in the Project panel to select it. And then when we were looking at the Timeline properties in the Properties panel, we have a Set Popup Menu dropdown. So I'm going to drop this down and choose Pop Up Menu. This is not typical. It's not usually called Pop Up Menu, but I actually called my pop-up menu Pop Up Menu. So that's what I'm going to choose here: Pop Up Menu. And then, we have now associated this pop-up menu with this Timeline.

So what's the deal? Where is the background? Well, previewing a pop-up menu is a subject in and of itself. So we'll look at that in the next movie.

Creating Blu-ray pop-up menus
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Creating Blu-ray pop-up menus provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Encore CS5 Essential Training

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