Encore CS5 New Features

with Jeff Sengstack
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Encore CS5 New Features
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In Encore CS5 New Features, author Jeff Sengstack explores the new features in the CS5 release of Adobe's DVD authoring software. This course covers the program's enhanced Blu-ray multipage menus, improved Flash DVD player features, streamlined HD workflow, cross-platform capability, and new export options.

Topics include:
  • Building multipage Blu-ray disc menus
  • Creating an index for multipage menus
  • Converting a DVD project to Flash
  • Displaying subtitles in the Flash DVD player
  • Importing RED video from Premiere Pro
  • Publishing HD content without transcoding
  • Synchronizing timelines with original frame rates
  • Exporting a replication master as a DDP file


- Hi I'm Jeff Sengstack, the author of this tutorial on Adobe Encore CS5 New Features. Encore CS5 embraces emerging technology and goes beyond simply creating standard DVDs. I'm gonna cover all the major improvements in my tutorial videos. Encore CS5 now offers Bluray disc, multi-page menus, an option formerly available only in high-end DVD authoring products. In Encore CS5, the new Flash DVD player now displays subtitles and has customizable playback controls that help you search text meta-data within clips or subtitle text so you can quickly jump directly to content in the movie.

Encore CS5 has new developments that will lead to high quality HD output to Bluray discs. If you work with RED Digital Cinema camcorders you can import RED R3D video files directly from Premiere Pro at their native resolution. And if you work with the popular AVCHD video format Encore does not transcode AVCHD files when creating a Bluray disc. This leads to higher quality playback as well as saves you time. Encore CS5 is completely cross-platform. You could open projects in Windows that were created on a Mac and vice versa.

Finally, if you plan to use a mass replication facility you can now export directly to what's called the Disc Description Protocol file format and then simply FTP your project to the replicator. Encore CS5's enhanced Bluray multi-page menus, improved Flash DVD player features, streamlined HD workflow, cross-platform capability, and new export options will help you put your projects in a good light. So let's take a look at the new features.

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