An overview of the editing workflow

show more An overview of the editing workflow provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by David Basulto as part of the Premiere Elements 10 Essential Training show less
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An overview of the editing workflow

Elements 10 is such a fun and intuitive editor to use. Before we dive into specific features, let me walk you through a finished project to give you an overview. So in this movie I edited an intro for a dance company, and it appears here in the Sceneline or the Timeline. And I can switch back and forth between the two. So let's play this really quickly. (video playing) So how did I create this? Well, first I had to import footage by going File > Get Media from, and then choose one of the options here.

Now, Elements comes with an Organizer, which we'll look at in another movie. It also gives you several different video cameras, flips, your digital still camera, which could be your DSLRs, even webcams, and lastly, you can choose Files and Folders, and we're going to go over all this in another movie. You can also just double-click here in the Project panel. It'll bring in the Add Media dialog box, and you can bring in footage that way. Once the footage is imported, I like to create my own folders to keep everything nice and tidy.

As you see here, I've got footage in one, music in another, and I do this by clicking on the new folder icon and then renaming it. I can then double-click on the folder that has the footage and then choose a piece of footage that I want to create my edit to. So, I can double-click on the footage, and now I can start creating what are called in and out points where I want of video to begin and where I want the video clip to end. Obviously, I don't want this entire amount of video.

It's over four minutes long. So, I might just want to start at somewhere around here. And Elements is really simple. It lets you know down below here where to set in and out points. So I'll just click Set In. I can also press the letter I if you see I next to it and it makes a little marker there. I'll go ahead in time, maybe just to there and I'll press O or click the Set Out point. Now, I've got a clip that I can use to drag into my Timeline, and we're going to go over all that in another movie.

Next, I added transitions. As you can see down here, if I scroll over, we go from the dance video and we cross- dissolve into the other one. I'm going to show you how we add transitions to the Timeline to make seamless edits look great. Next, I added a music track down below in the Soundtrack area, and you can see in this area here where my subject starts to talk, I actually made what are called keyframes to create a lower volume here, so that she could talk and we can hear her. And Elements actually does that for you, and we'll look at that in another video.

I also added a title here, The Dance, which we use the titling application here within Elements. Very simple to use, and I'll show that in our title movie. You can also add a title effect, and if you see here if I scroll over, we faded into that. Now, when I'm done I can click up here and choose Share and Elements lets me send this out to my friends on Facebook pretty much automatically. If I click on Online, Upload to video sharing web sites, it's looking for its presets. And here I've an option to send it to, Facebook, and YouTube, and we're going to go over all these presents in another movie.

There's also--if you're a podcaster you can go to what's called Podbean, and we'll talk about that. It's a podcasting hosting service. By allowing you to export your finished product to video sharing sites such as YouTube or podcast hosting Podbean, Facebook and, Elements really gives you the power to get your masterpieces out and online quickly. So that's the overview of the Premiere Elements 10 workflow, and yes, Premiere Elements really is this easy.

Now, I sped through this, so in this course I'm going to take you step by step and empower you to use Adobe Premiere Elements 10 to create your own masterpieces.

An overview of the editing workflow
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An overview of the editing workflow provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by David Basulto as part of the Premiere Elements 10 Essential Training

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