Working with clips

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Working with clips

In this movie, we're going to start off where we left off in the last movie, after we imported our clips here, and now what we're going to do is we're going to actually add them to Sceneline and we're going to fiddle with them and rearrange them a little bit. If you like to follow along starting from this point, I am using the 02 working with clips project from the Chapter 02 folder of the Exercise Files. Now I'm going to be here in a Project View but you can use the Organizer if you like. So what I'm going to do is I'm going click 001.avi, go all way to the bottom and I don't want the audio clip, so I'm just going to hold the Shift key while clicking 009.avi. That will select all of the clips from 001 to 009 and what I need to do to add them to the Project, as it says here, just drag next clip here.

We can drag clips one at a time to add them to our Project but I have nine clips I want to add, so I don't want to take all this time to drag one at time, nine times. I am just going to select them all, drag and drop where it says next clip here and all of these clips come one after another in my Project. To preview what you have so far, just go ahead and hit the Spacebar. (Sound of splashing water.) OK, so as we go on, we have all these different clips with kids and dolphins and all sorts of fun stuff and all you have to do watch a particular clip is simply select it here in Sceneline.

Let's see this clip with the dolphin coming out. That looks pretty cool. So if we click it, it will automatically become selected, centered right here in the Monitor view and we could watch just that clip. Let's say you don't want to use the Spacebar or some other keyboard shortcuts that I'll show you later on, you can also use these buttons here at the bottom of the Monitor panel to control playback. You could play things in reverse, advance one frame at a time and so forth. So, I'm going to hit the Play button to play this clip. (Clip audio: "Go ahead and toss it right into her mouth. Here's another one... ) Click the button again to stop playback.

Now so far our Project is looking pretty awesome. We have all these cool clips of kids and dolphins and all sorts of things that make for cute little videos. We start off here. Our clip is actually black at the beginning and then it fades in and then there is the kids and then the kids jump in the slow motion here, which is really cool. And then all of a sudden we're looking at dolphins, so it's a little bit weird. It's little bit disconnected and actually these clips are out of order and we're going to fix that right now. So let's grab this scroll bar down at the bottom, drag it to the right so we can see all the clips, and these last two clips here actually should be before the first clip of the dolphin.

So I'm going to click the Dolphin Harbor clip, that's the second to last clip, and we'll hold the Shift key and click to select the last clip as well. Holding the Shift key will allow you to select both at the same time. If you didn't have Shift key held down, you would only be able to select one at time. So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to grab these two clips, drag it to the left, keep dragging, until it will automatically move over for me. I want to drag it until I have this blue line that is on the left side of third clip and on the right side of the second clip.

So right there, right before the third clip and let go. Basically we just reordered our clips. And whoops! Oh, only one of the clips came over. I must have done something wrong. I will just fix that real quick. Drag this other clip and put it back where it belongs right after the Dolphin Harbor clip. So that usually will work though, if you select two clips at the same time using the Shift key. Regardless, now we have done is we rearranged this so now at the beginning of our project, we have the fountain with the kids, the kids jumping off. That really sets the tone for what going on here.

It's the kids day at the Dolphin Harbor and then the third clip we have the Dolphin Harbor sign, so we know that that's where they are, and then we kind of set the tone a little more with a dolphin swimming in the water. So that way when we see the kids with the dolphins, things make little more visual sense. So that's how to add clips to your video presentation. In other words, to the Sceneline and that's also how to reorder them or rearrange them in the Sceneline. In the next movie, we're going talk about getting rid of pieces of the video that we don't want.

Working with clips
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Working with clips provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Premiere Elements 4 Essential Training

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