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Viewing a simple slideshow

Full Screen view is a great environment in which to view your photos because it's large and it doesn't contain the interface, it's just clean. In Full Screen view, you can view photos one at a time or you can enjoy a slideshow, complete with music and transitions. This kind of simple Full Screen slideshow can only be viewed on your computer and from inside the Organizer. So, it's most useful for reviewing and evaluating your own photos after a shoot, not for sharing with others. I'm starting here in Media view of the Organizer, choosing the photos that I'll include in my Full Screen slideshow.

I could select specific photos from my Catalog; or if I click on the folder here in the Folders panel, all of its contents will be included in this slideshow. And they'll appear in the slideshow in the sort order in which they appear here in this folder. If you wanted to make a custom arrangement of the order in which photos appear in a Full Screen slide show, you have to first make an album and rearrange photos inside the album, as I'll show you how to do later in the course. But generally, I use a Full Screen slideshow to review a folder of photos that I've just uploaded from my camera.

So with this folder selected, I'll play it in its default order by coming down to the taskbar at the bottom of Media view and clicking on the Slideshow button. As you saw, that started a slideshow playing immediately in Full Screen view. And when I moved my mouse, that brought up this Control bar.

And I clicked the Stop button to stop the slideshow because I wanted to show you how you can customize your slideshow. I see a few things I want to change about this slideshow already. For one thing, I see that the photos look kind of blurry and that's because they're resizing to fill the screen, and these particular photos just aren't as big in pixel values as my screen. So, that's one thing I'm going to change. I also want to change the music to something more appropriate to these photos that we took in France. And I'd like to add some transitions between photos, so let's see how we can do all that.

I'll click the Settings icon here in the Control bar to open the Full Screen view options. From the Background Music menu, I can choose from some music clips that come with Elements and that were imported into this Catalog when I created the Catalog. I'll go with A Taste of Sicily, since these are photos that we shot in Europe. In the Page Duration menu, I can choose a different number of seconds for each photo to stay on the screen. I'll change this to two seconds. If you like, you can just highlight that number and type in whatever number of seconds you want.

If I had created captions for any of the photos in this slideshow, I could check this box to include the photo captions on top of the photos. I don't happen to have any captions, so I'll leave that unchecked. I am going to uncheck Allow Photos to Resize and I'll click okay. And you can see that the photo immediately got smaller. Now, each photo will be displayed in this slideshow at its actual size. It won't be upsized to fill my entire screen. Moving my mouse again to bring that Control bar up, I'm going to click on the Theme icon.

Here, I can choose the transition between slides. By default, this is set to Classic and if I move my mouse over that photo, you get a little preview of what the Classic transition looks like. This is the Fade In/Out Preview, Pan and Zoom, and 3D pixelate. The last two options take a lot of power from your graphic card, so I usually stick with either Classic or Fade In/Out. I'll switch to Fade In/Out for this slideshow, and I'll click okay. With those changes made, I want to start playing the slideshow from the beginning so I'll click this Back button several times, until I see the first photo highlighted down here in the filmstrip.

I'll move my mouse to bring the Control bar back, and I'll click the Play button. I'll move my mouse when the slideshow is done, and I'll click the Exit button on the Control bar to go back to Media view.

So that's how simple it is to enjoy your photos in a slideshow format in Full Screen view. Do remember that this kind of slideshow is designed for viewing only on your computer inside the Organizer. You can't e-mail this slideshow, or burn it to a DVD, or put it online. But it is a delightful way to review your photos, or to share them with guests in front of your computer screen.

Viewing a simple slideshow
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Viewing a simple slideshow provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Jan Kabili as part of the Photoshop Elements 11 Essentials: 01 Importing and Organizing Photos

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