Touring the workspace

show more Touring the workspace provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Jeff Sengstack as part of the Premiere Elements 7 Essential Training show less
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Touring the workspace

The Premiere Elements interface is organized to match the typical video editing workflow. It lets you navigate quickly the features that you might need at any time in the video production process. Now for this particular demonstration we are using the 02-workspace project file. Now the three workspaces are the Monitor, the Tasks View, and the My Project View. You can see the names of these things if you want to by going Window > Show Docking Headers and there they are, Monitor, Tasks and My Project. By doing that you open up a couple of little menus that you can click on and these little flyout menus here. But they have such little utility, relatively speaking, and you can access these guys from the main menu anyways, my suggestion is just not worry about having the names showing up there, and Hide the Docking Headers.

So back to the Monitor View and the Monitor panel. It works much like a VCR, you got the VCR controls down here, you hit Play, and you can play your video. Rewind, fast forward. You can scrub through it. Now couple of other features here as well and this is also where you edit titles. The Tasks View is where you do a lot of your work and it's divided up in the four different task workspaces. The Organize workspace, Edit, Disc Menus and Share. The Organize is probably the place where you'll spend the least amount of time. This is where you access your video from various hardware, like a DV camcorder or a webcam or still camera, or from your hard drive if you have files in your hard drive.

Generally speaking though, the rest of these guys here I think you will probably not work with. The Instant Movie feature is something that takes a finished video and turns it into the sort of wild Hollywood looking thing that doesn't really match what you have created, but I'll talk about that one later, just to let you know what it's all about. Tagging is something you do when you add some descriptive words to your file inside Premiere Elements, and my suggestion is to just name your files well, so you don't need to worry about tagging. Then finally Smart Tagging is a feature that Premiere Elements uses to analyze your video automatically, and then decide if it's a person in the picture, whether it's out of focus, or too bright, or properly exposed.

These are things you can just see by looking at the thumbnails inside the Edit or the Project view. So I don't think you need to use Smart Tagging at all. Now you've noticed that we have gone into the Edit Task workspace and here you can see in the Project View your media assets that you have added to your project, and you see there are four different toolsets in here besides the Project toolset. Let me go over them really quickly. Themes is something that you can apply to a project when you are done that kind of gives it this sort of Hollywood look, which sometimes is a bit over the top, but I'll talk about themes in another video tutorial.

Then there are effects that you apply on top of your video, which changes the way the video looks, and there are transitions that go between your video clips, and finally Title templates that you can apply. Let's say opening credits, closing credits, a lower third that you might have with the person or a place. Let's go back to the Project View, because this where you are going to do a lot of your work. This is where you access your assets as you make your project, and also where you go get your assets, and also where you organize them. Even though there is an Organize Task workspace, you really do all of your organizing here in the Project View.

So navigating your way through the Premiere Elements' workspace is fairly intuitive, and I think you are going to be able to find the things that you need to apply to your project fairly easily. But nevertheless, I'm going to explain each of these aspects in detail in other tutorials.

Touring the workspace
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Touring the workspace provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Jeff Sengstack as part of the Premiere Elements 7 Essential Training

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