Selecting photos

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Selecting photos

In the Organizer you have to select a photo thumbnail before you can do anything to that image. I would like to show you a couple of tricks for how to select thumbnails in the Organizer. I've gone back to the Folder Location view from the Display menu and I opened the task pane again by clicking on the border between the task pane and the Photo Browser, and in the View menu I've turned off Media Types Audio and Show Gridlines. Now let's say that I want to delete a photo from the current catalog.

I have to select the thumbnail of that photo first. And the way to do that is to go to the Photo Browser and to click once on the thumbnail of the photo that I want to select. The blue border around the thumbnail indicates that file has been selected. Now to delete that photo from this catalog, I would go to the Edit menu at the top of the screen and choose Delete from Catalog. In this dialog box, I'm warned that this item will be deleted from the catalog, but if I were just click OK at this point I wouldn't be deleting the actual photo from my hard drive, if I did have that photo here in my computer.

If I want to do that too, then I would also check Delete selected items from the hard disk. And when I had decided to delete the item either from the catalog or for the catalog and hard disk, I would click OK. But I'm going to click Cancel, because I want to leave this photo in the catalog so that I can show you something else about selecting thumbnails. And that is, what if I wanted to select all of the thumbnails in this section of the Photo Browser. How would I do that? Well, first I'm going to click off of this thumbnail in a blank area of the Photo Browser to deselect all of the thumbnails.

A quick way to select consecutive thumbnails, those that are next to one another in the Photo Browser, is to click once on the first of the thumbnails and then here's the trick, hold down the Shift key and click on the last of the thumbnails, and that will select those two and all thumbnails in between. Now I might do something like use all three of these thumbnails in a photo book as you will learn to do in later movies. I'm going to deselect again, by clicking off of those three thumbnails into a blank area of the photo browser to show you how I might go about selecting more than one photo thumbnail, if it's not next to one another.

So let's say I want to select this thumbnail, which I'll click on, and this one, but not the one in the middle. In that case, I'll hold down the Ctrl key on my Windows keyboard as I click on that first image. So that's how you can select nonconsecutive thumbnails in the Photo Browser, and at this point I could act on these two files. Again, I'm going to click off of all the thumbnails to deselect them all. So you can use the technique I have just shown you, to select as many photos as you want in a Photo Browser so that you can perform all kinds of tasks on them.

Like those located here in the Share tab, or the Create tab, or the Fix tab of the task pane in the Organizer.

Selecting photos
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Selecting photos provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Jan Kabili as part of the Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows Essential Training

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