Moving files

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Moving files

If you want to physically move a file from one location on your computer to another or from your main hard drive to an external drive, please remember to do that from the Organizer rather than directly in Windows. Otherwise the Organizer can't necessarily keep track of the file and it may go missing from the catalog. But don't worry. If it does go missing, Elements will do its best to help reconnect the file to the catalog system. Let's see how this works. I'm working in my 02_09_moving folder inside the Chapter 02 Exercise Files folder.

I'm going to select this file guitar8.jpg in the Photo Browser. Then I'm going up to the File menu at the top of the screen and I'm going to choose Move. This gives me a dialog box from which I can move this particular file from inside the Organizer to some other place on my computer. So for example, if I wanted to move this file to the desktop, I would click Browse and navigate to the Desktop on my computer and click OK. If at this point I decide that I would like to add other files to the bunch of files that are going to move, I'll click the Add Symbol down here and in this dialog box, I can choose individual items visually so I could click on another file and move that one, I'll uncheck that or I could choose to move my entire catalog, a particular album, etc.

I'm just going to move this one file so I'm going to cancel this and back in the Move Selected Items dialog box I'll click OK. Now in the Photo Browser, right above the thumbnail the path designation tells me that this file now physically lives on the desktop of my computer rather than inside the Exercise Files folder where it use to live. Elements has automatically reconnected the Organizer to that file so that the Organizer can keep track of the file and perform all the functions on that file that it could have when the file was inside the Exercise Files folder.

Now let's see what happens if you move a file the wrong way, out in the Windows Explorer. To do that I'm going to minimize the Organizer window from up in the top right corner by clicking this Minus sign that shows you my desktop and there you can see that indeed the guitar8 photo is now living on the desktop. I'm going to manually move it from here back into the Exercise Files folder. I'll double-click the Exercise Files folder, I'll double-click the Chapter 2 subfolder and to the 02_09_moving sub- folder. And then I'm just going to drag guitar8 from the desktop into that exercise files subfolder and close this window. I'm going down to the task bar to maximize the Elements' Organizer again.

Now when you look at the path above the photo thumbnail, Elements' Organizer still thinks that that photo is on the desktop as it says right here. It's important that Elements know where the photo really lives so that it can keep track of it. There are two ways to reconnect this photo. One is automatic, one is manual. If you were to try to do something to this photo like, for example, to adjust its date and time then Elements would automatically go out and try to find the photo in its new location and reconnect. And that sometimes happens so fast that you don't even realize that it's happened. However, if you don't plan to do anything to the photo but you still want to make sure that you have reconnected it, you can reconnect it manually.

The way to do that is just click at the File menu at the top of the screen down to Reconnect and over to Missing File. As soon as I did that, Elements went out and very quickly found the new location of this photo and now when you look at the path above the photo in the Photo Browser you can see that now Elements realizes that the physical file is actually inside the Exercise Files folder Chapter 2 subfolder 02_09_moving where I physically put it a few seconds ago. So the main point to take from this movie is to remember that if you want to move files around, try to do that from inside the Organizer catalog using the File > Move feature rather than doing it physically out in Windows. But if you do, do it outside of the Organizer, Elements will help you to find and reconnect the file.

Moving files
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Moving files provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Jan Kabili as part of the Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows Essential Training

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