Creating and saving a custom workspace

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Creating and saving a custom workspace

You can customize the Bridge interface to meet specific task requirements and return to these panel arrangements at any time. I'm currently in Bridge now I'm viewing the catalog images in our exercise files. You can see here in the Content panel. These are all the images that are contained within the Catalog Images folder and I'm currently viewing these in the default workspace. If you go under the Window menu, click on Workspace, you will see this submenu. And notice these different workspaces in here. If you're not already setup here I would like you to choose the top workspace here named Default. When you choose that, it should make your screen look exactly like mine does now.

Okay now this is the workspace that Bridge will display every time you first launch it. This is exactly how it will appear, but it doesn't mean that you have to keep working this way because the interface in Bridge is extremely flexible. You can move these panels around within the Bridge window. You can change their position. You can also show in hide them. So let's just say for example if I'm going to click on the Favorites panel over here and grab the tab drag it over here to Preview, I can group it together.

I can move the Filter panel of this way. I can move Metadata over here. If I wanted to, I can even divide up the Content panel. If we drag Keywords, drag all the way down until we see this blue line at the bottom, you see that blue horizontal line? You can let up in the mouse button and now you have divided this up. So I encourage you to play around with this because as you do you may come up with an arrangement that you like better than what's under Window menu. Better than the Default workspace or any of these other workspaces. That's how you can customize the interface.

All right, something else you could do, hide these panels. Notice these check marks next to under where it says Workspace. We have Folders panel, Favorites panel, Metadata, and everyone that has a check mark next to it means that it currently visible within the Bridge window. If you don't want to see it inside of the Bridge window you can choose it. That takes away the check mark and now that panel is hidden. All right, we can do that for as many panels as we like. All right, showing and hiding panels. If you would like to turn them back on again, just choose them again from the Window menu. So there is our Folders panel. So this is useful because as you're playing around with this, you may have even done this accidentally. You may have just been moving things around and then realized, oh, my goodness! I have completely changed the way the screen looks and I just want to get back to square one, get back to the way things used to be.

And you can do so easily by choosing the workspace from the Window menu. Let's go back to the Default and set things right. Okay so we were back the way everything was before and that's a good thing. Now you can also save your own custom panel arrangements. I'm going to go ahead and do that now. Let's go into the Window menu. And what I'm going to do is choose one of these other workspace actually I like the Vertical Filmstrip workspace. I like this workspace because it brings up this very large preview area in the center of the window and then all of my content is over here on the right, in a vertical filmstrip format.

Now what I would like to do is actually modify this existing workspace by dragging this divider bar off to the left and just focusing on my preview image and my content of on the right. This is a nice way to work. I like to see a large image. Also if I wanted to, I could select multiple images from within the Vertical Filmstrip over here. I'm going to go and hold down the Shift key and click a few images down in the list. Click on the bird_in_flight image and now all four these images are now selected and being previewed in the larger in the larger Preview window. This is how I like work.

So I'm going to go ahead and save this workspace. Go under the Window menu, choose Workspace and I'm going to Save Workspace. In here I can name the workspace, give it something descriptive. I'll name it Ted's workspace. Or if we wanted something a little more descriptive we can maybe say Preview workspace. If we think we're going to save more than one workspace that is, or just give it the serial number treatment, just put a one at the end. Okay, now notice it also gives you the option to save the window location as part of the workspace. If you were to resize the window or change its location on your screen, that will also be saved as part of the workspace. I currently have it maximized so that's how it's going to be saved. You can also choose to save the sort order as part of your workspace and that's referring to the way the images are sorted in the Content panel. Okay right now I have them sorted by the default file name option, alphabetical from A to Z, top to bottom and it's going to be saved that way.

All right we're going to choose Save now. Add that to our menu. That means, if say maybe you're sharing Bridge and Elements with the other members of your family or friends, let's say maybe your wife or your children also use Elements and they sometimes change the workspace. Let's say the next time you come to Elements and Bridge it's back in the default workspace. Someone has changed it and you want to get back to your favorite workspace. All we need to do now, rather than going through all of those steps that I showed earlier with moving things around, we can go under the Window menu and choose Ted's Workspace1 and that's brings us back. Saves your lot of time in the long run and that way you can use Elements the way you want to use it and use Bridge exactly the way you want to use it. All right so that is how you can customize the interface here in Bridge and then save your favorite workspaces.

Creating and saving a custom workspace
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Creating and saving a custom workspace provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Ted LoCascio as part of the Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac Essential Training

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