Using Photoshop to Create a Personalized Greeting Card

show more Creating a personalized greeting card provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Janine Smith as part of the Photoshop Elements 9: Scanning and Restoring Photos show less
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Creating a personalized greeting card

Its especially fun to send personalized cards around the holidays. With the greeting card option in Photoshop Elements 9 Create module, you can have your card design, print it and ready to go in no time. So just have a look at these pictures. Looks like a really a great Christmas somebody had. It has got an old TV and a dream kitchen, here's a bunch of great toys. Somebody is going to be really happy with that teddy bear. Now we will move over here to Create and will go to Greeting Card.

We have all your choices over here to have your card printed at the Kodak Gallery or Shutterfly but you can print them on your desktop printer also. There's a note down here All cards can be printed on your desktop printer. So don't think you are tied into that. You have options of having your card flat just one sided or you can have it folded down here, you can have them portrait or landscaped and we will choose 7x5 folded landscape.

Again, let's uncheck Autofill with Selected Images and choose a theme. Of course we'll have to choose Christmas this time and there is our preview and that looks good, so we will click OK. And it will generate our previews for us and give us our card. If you don't like how this is looking, go right away to Layouts and see what else we have here. You can have your different layouts and here you can have One Photo, Three Photos, two and we are going to go with one but instead of this look, let's flip it and have it tilted.

And then you can click on it and drag it in a little bit if you like and now let's fill it. I will give this little teddy bear a home. You'll notice that Photoshop Elements rotates your photo for you, so you don't have to do any of that work. Double-click on it if you want to resize it and then click the check mark to commit. Now let's have a closer look and zoom in by Control on a PC or Command on a Mac plus, now see how that looks. That's just as cute as it can be.

Now let's go over to our Artwork so I want to show you something else this kind of neat, you can change your backgrounds if you don't like this one and make it just anything you want, you can go down here, you can make your frame different or you can add graphics and this is a perfect place for a graphic. Let's give this a little hollyleaf, I will drag and drop this hollyleaf over here to the edge of the portrait and give it that extra special look. Now let's go back to Pages and have a look at the inside of the card by clicking on it.

Let's zoom in just a little Control or Command plus and scroll, so you can see it. This is a little different you have to scroll down to actually scroll up but you will get the hang of it and drag and drop your photo. Again, it turns it, which is really great because you don't have to worry about it and you can move it around so make it real big so you can see that boat. Click the check to commit and then let's get our last one in here, double-click it, looks good and the green check to commit.

Now let's click here and bring this back up as we are going to write a greeting. I am scrolling with my mouse wheel; we can bring our greeting up and double-click on it, so that we can personalize our greeting. Let's say Happy Holidays and then click Enter and now we will double-click here and write And we will Enter so we can go under it, Happy New Year and Enter. And there you go; we've made a holiday card just that easy with your family photos.

When you get everything the way you want it, remember just go down, click Done or you can print it on your home printer or you can order from Kodak or Shutterfly. A personalized card during the holidays, or any time, for anything, or even nothing at all, would be a hit with friends and family.

Creating a personalized greeting card
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Creating a personalized greeting card provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Janine Smith as part of the Photoshop Elements 9: Scanning and Restoring Photos

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