Capturing frames from video

show more Capturing frames from video provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Jan Kabili as part of the Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac Essential Training show less
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Capturing frames from video

Here's an innovative way to capture still images from video clips using Elements. You can shoot a short video with a video camera, or even a still camera or a cell phone that shoots video. And then grab a frame out of the video to become an individual photo file. This works best with very short video clips, not with full-length type videos. In Elements, I'll go up to the File menu, and I'll choose Import. And then I'll go over to Frame From Video. That opens this frame from video window. I am going to start by clicking the Browse Button here.

I know there is a video in my Exercise Files, so I'll navigate to the Exercise Files by clicking on the Desktop, and then I'll click the arrow to the left of Exercise files, and the arrow to the left of Chapter 2. The arrow to the left of the 02_03 Subfolder, and there is a video file, The Mov format is one of the video formats that Elements 8 for Mac recognizes. If it didn't recognize this format, the file would be grayed out. So I'll click on that video file, and then I'll click the Open Button.

The first frame of the video is displayed here in the Frame From Video Window. I can play the video by going down to this Control Bar and clicking the Play Button, the Single Right Arrow. Now I want to find one or more frames to make into individual photo files. I'll go back to the first frame by clicking the Double Pointed Left Facing Arrow in the Control Bar. And then I'll press the Right or Left arrow keys on my keyboard, to move forward and back, frame by frame, in the video.

So I am pressing my Right arrow key several times here, until I find a frame that I like. I'll stop on that one. And I'll click the Grab Frame Button here. That opens a document window over here in Elements proper, capturing the image in this video frame as a still image. I'll Grab another Frame the same way, by pressing the Right Arrow Key on my keyboard again several times, until I see another frame that I like. That's a cute one. So I'll Click Grab Frame again. And that opens a second window with this frame as a still image.

I could grab a few more, but I am going to stop there. I am just going to click the Done Button to close the Frame From Video dialog box. To view both of these, I'll click on the title bar of the image in the foreground, and I'll drag it away. And now you can see the two video frames that I have captured as still images. An important step is that I have to save each one of these. You can see from the asterisk here in the title bar of each that it hasn't yet been saved. So make sure that dance 02 is the active image, by clicking on its title bar, and then I'll go to File, and then I'll click Save.

I am going to navigate to my desktop from this menu here at the top of the Save As dialog box. I'll just choose Desktop, and I am going to make a folder on the Desktop in which to save finished files. So I'll click the New Folder Button down here in the Save As dialog box, and I'll type 'saved files'. I'll click the Create Button, and then in the Save As dialog box I can choose a format. I can save this as the native Photoshop format if I wish, or if I wanted to put this on the Web or send it by email, I might choose JPEG.

I'll leave everything else as it is and click Save. And then I'll just accept these default JPEG options, and click OK. So that file is now saved, and I would do the same thing to this other file. So this is a nice way to capture some photos that have some motion in them. And I can use these images in any photo project in Elements, just like the photo taken with a still camera.

Capturing frames from video
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Capturing frames from video provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Jan Kabili as part of the Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac Essential Training

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