Adding a soundtrack

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Adding a soundtrack

OK folks, now we're going to cool party going by adding some extra audio to our project. If you like the follow along, I'm using the 05 audio project in the Chapter 02 folder of your exercise files. So what we want do is go over here to the Project View in the Tasks panel. Click on the Project button. You could an also do this from the Organizer as well but I again I prefer the Project View. So I'm going to scroll down and look for our audio tack. It's this ado_3611_sail_music_on. What I'm going to do is, I'm going to click and drag and add that to the little gap underneath our video.

This little gap is where we add audio files, so I am going to let go here and there we have it. Our audio track is now added to our Project. Let's go ahead and hit the Spacebar and preview what we have. (Audio plays: Sound of water splashing, some background music and children's voices.) OK, let's go ahead and stop that there. My problem with this is that i could hardly hear the audio and all the noise from the footage is really, really loud.

So I'm hearing the fountains, I'm hearing the kids laughing and that's cool, but I want to have the soundtrack more prominent in my video presentation here. So let's change the volume. Over here on the left side of the video clips, I'm going the click that speaker to change the track volume. This is the volume of all of our video tracks. So I'm going to click this and click this slider down to lower the audio. Now I don want to mute this. I don't want take it all the way down because I still want to hear the kids laughing and clapping and playing around and stuff. I want to hear fountain water, all that kind of stuff. I just want to be less prominent.

So dragging it somewhere around there is great. We could also click here where our soundtrack is and bump that volume up a little bit if we so choose. Obviously there is no hard rules about how loud to make which piece of audio. This is my own my personal preference and you're free to make your own audio choices, and I'm going to click the first clip now and now let's preview this again with the audio levels kind of balanced out a little bit better. (Audio plays: Sound of water splashing and the background music plays at a louder volume.) OK, so I'm just going to stop it there.

But you get the idea. There is a nice balance. You could still hear the beautiful water of the fountain, hear the kids laughing still but the soundtrack is little bit more prominent. Another thing what that does is that as we're going from clip to clip, the audio changes based on how close it is to the water or how close it is to the kids laughing or what have you, and so the sounds level are inconsistent. By adding a soundtrack and lowering the volume of the video track, then we just have more sense of consistency from clip to clip.

That's all there is to adding audio to your project. You import it, the same way you import video or anything else and you just drag and drop it in the blank line underneath the video, mix it with these little sliders by clicking on the these little speaker icons and there you have it. In the next the movie we're going to look at one of the most exciting aspects of Premiere Element and that is Movie Themes.

Adding a soundtrack
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Adding a soundtrack provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Chad Perkins as part of the Premiere Elements 4 Essential Training

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