Adding keywords to images

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Adding keywords to images

Another great way to organize your images in Bridge is to assign keywords to them. By doing so you will be able to locate images quickly and easily by performing a keyword search or by filtering the Content panel display by assigned keywords. Okay, I'm currently in Bridge and I'm viewing our catalog images that are part of our exercise files. So that's what we're seeing in the Content panel, all of these thumbnails. So what I would like to do is locate some specific images that I would like to apply keywords to.

Now, you may be asking, what exactly is a keyword? A keyword is a word that you can assign to specific images, that describes something about its content and if you're using a really good naming convention, like we're doing here that's already descriptive, you may want to add some extra information that's not already described in the name. So what we can do here is go under the Edit menu and choose Find, because what I want to do is locate some images that's file name contains Enzo, that's my son's name. So we're just going to view images of my son. When we click Find, we have now filtered down our thumbnail list here in the Content panel and we're just viewing images that have the word Enzo in its name.

As you can see here, we will scroll down a little bit and take a look at what we're working with. Okay, lots of different images of him, all throughout his life really. He is only about two-and-a-half years old and we have images, I think, oh as far back as his birth, going all the way down here. So what I would like to do is, I would like to actually tag some of these images based on his age, since he's now two-and-a-half. I would like to locate just the images from birth to the end of year 1 and tag those using an Enzo year 1 keyword tag. Because then I can locate just the images of Enzo during the first year of his life.

When I bring up those images, then later using the Filter panel or using a keyword search, I can create a project based on just those images during Enzo's first year, something like PDF slideshow or maybe a web gallery based on those images. So that's where keywords can be really useful. So let's go ahead and do this. I think what I would like to do here is sort these by Date Created. You will notice that I do have in my Preferences Setup, this Date Created information. If you're not seeing that, I will show you where that is real quick.

Under the Preferences, under the Thumbnails, click over here where it says Thumbnails. I have this first line enabled with a checkmark in it and it says Date Created. So underneath the name here, we have the date created in addition. So we're seeing that information underneath. If I go now up to the top of the list, we have when Enzo was born, that's the first image in our series here. We can scroll down and refer to those dates until we get to the end of that year.

Okay, here is where 08 starts. So I'm going to go ahead and click on this last image and hold down the Shift key. When I do that, I have selected all of the images from the top of the list down to here on this last Enzo_Halloween image. So all of these images are the ones that I want to tag using an Enzo year 1 tag. All right, so how do we create this tag? You will notice that over on the right here, we have something that says Keywords, next to where the Metadata panel is. If we click on that Keywords tab, what we can then do is create a new tag.

Over here on the right, we have a panel menu and I'm going to choose New Keyword from that panel menu list. Okay, that's going to create a new keyword tag. It's actually placing it in the Places area, but that's okay. We can move it. I'm going to type in Enzo year 1, press Return and then I'm going to reposition it here in People. Okay, now these are the categories and the keyword tags that actually come with the product, these shipped with Elements. So everyone should see these things in here. All right, we have just added the Enzo year 1 tag to the People category. So what I would like to do now is click in the checkbox next to the new tag. Keep in mind we have all of these images still selected, with them selected by clicking in this box, that adds the tag to the images metadata. All right, so this is now stored inside of each file that we have selected.

All right, again, the reason we wanted to do this is because now we could over in the Filter panel click where it says Enzo year 1 under Keywords and just view those images. The rest of the Enzo images are no longer visible here within the Content panel. All right, so that means if we wanted to open all these up into the Elements' Editing workspace and create a PDF slideshow out of them, we could. It's a great way to organize your images into projects based on keyword.

So something else we can do. I'm going to actually go back to the previous page here and actually going to perform that search again, Enzo, click Find, bring up those images again. Let's go down here, again by date, and we're going to select the first image from 2008 down to the bottom of the list, holding down Shift, clicking on the last image in this series. That selects the rest of those images and I want to apply another keyword tag.

This time I'm going to rename this keyword tag that is actually shipped with the product. It says Matthew under the People category. Well, since I don't know anyone named Matthew, I'm going to go ahead and change this. I'm going to right click here and I'm going to choose Rename and type Enzo year 2. We will press Return and then I still have these images selected, I can go ahead, click in the checkbox and I have now added that keyword tag to those images. Okay, you can see it appearing now over here in the Keyword section of the Filter panel. Now, since we're adding our own keywords in here now, filling this thing up, we don't really have used for the other keywords that shipped with the product, so I don't think I actually need to keep Ryan in here either. So what I'm going to do with Ryan is go ahead and right click on him and choose Delete.

Okay, so that's how you could remove keywords from these lists as well. It will say, "Are you sure you want to remove the keyword Ryan from the Bridge keywords list?" We will say Yes. Now, next thing I wan to do is go back here, click the Go Back button. I'm just going to select a random image here like this Imagine image. Let's say, I accidentally tag this with say the Enzo year 2 tag and then I realize later, oh no! Wait a minute, Enzo is not in this image. I actually don't want that tag to be added to this image. We can get rid of it just by clicking in the checkbox again. Okay, as long as it's still selected, click in the checkbox and it's then removed from the image.

If you want to remove the entire tag from the list, you have to do what I just showed you and actually delete it. But otherwise these tags always remain in the keywords list and can be applied to any image that you select. That's how keywords work. All right, so what we have learned in this particular lesson is how we can create keyword tags that are based on specific content in our images, save them in our keywords list and then apply them to selected images and then call up those images over here in the Filter panel, in order to locate them and create projects based on those keyword images.

Adding keywords to images
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Adding keywords to images provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Ted LoCascio as part of the Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac Essential Training

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