EDIUS 6.5 New Features Workshop

with Maxim Jago
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EDIUS 6.5 New Features Workshop
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The EDIUS 6.5 real-time video-editing package offers advanced native stereoscopic editing support and a range of smaller but important improvements. This course introduces the more significant features, so that editors can get up and running quickly. Author Maxim Jago covers the Stereoscopic Editing mode, Loudness Meter, alpha channel support for output and effects, and the new native image stabilizer.

Topics include:
  • Introducing RED, AVCHD, and F4V support
  • Working with the Filmstrip view
  • Outputting files with embedded transparency
  • Using the Layouter controls
  • Working with alpha channels in nested sequences
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- Welcome to this EDIUS 6.5 New Features Workshop. I'm the author of the official grass cutters EDIUS Certified Editor Training Program, and an EDIUS Master Trainer. I'm also a filmmaker with strong views about how to get the best out of media technology. This course will help you make the most of the powerful new features in EDIUS 6.5. Some of the new options may not seem so important, but when you discover the way they add to the workflows available to you, you may end up wondering how you got by without them.

You can now see transparent picture areas when nesting sequences, that is, alpha channel is supported when editing one sequence into another. This feature alone opens up great creative effects and compositing possibilities. Grass Valley have added 10-bit color correction, video layouter enhancements like: alpha channel-based shadows, and built-in stereoscopic editing. Plus, a host of smaller, but nonetheless significant new features. The new filmstrip timeline view, shake stabilizer, and expanded format support all help speed up your edit and expand your creative freedoms.

I think this is a significant new release, and hope you'll enjoy learning all about it. Let's get started.

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