Migrating from Flash to Edge Animate

with Jake Ströh
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Migrating from Flash to Edge Animate
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Are you an experienced Flash developer feeling stranded or left behind by the shift to HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript? There's hope yet, in the form of Edge Animate, which translates Flash's ease of use into code. Watch this course and learn how to make the connections between developing in Flash and in Edge Animate, and then make the leap to a more modern web development workflow.

Jake Ströh explains how the web has evolved away from Flash, while pointing out key similarities and differences in Edge Animate that make migrating at times both smooth and challenging. He shows how to re-create a simple Flash banner ad inside of Edge Animate, walking through tasks that should be familiar to Flash developers, like keyframing parameters and working with symbols and nested timelines. Text, audio, and video work differently in Edge Animate, so Jake also spends time on those techniques. Then he'll work through the process of developing an interactive mobile prototype that accepts input from touch screens. When you're done, you should have the tools you need to migrate to Edge Animate and start building web projects that live up to modern standards.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the history of Flash and the evolution toward HTML5
  • Comparing the interface, keyframing, and asset management
  • Re-creating a Flash project in Edge Animate
  • Working with web fonts and CSS font styles in Edge Animate
  • Adding interactivity with JavaScript actions
  • Working with HTML5 video
  • Developing for touch screens
  • Converting SWFs to HTML5 with third-party tools
Edge Animate


[Voiceover] - Hi, I'm Jake Str?h, and welcome to Migrating from Flash to Edge Animate. In this course we'll look at how to take your existing Flash knowledge and apply it to new work flows within Edge Animate I'll start by showing you how to key frame and how it differs from animating in Flash. Then, show you how to use symbols for creating buttons with rollover states. We'll see how to target the timeline of a symbol with JavaScript actions. We'll be covering all of these features plus plenty of other tools and techniques.

Now, let's get started with Migrating from Flash to Edge Animate.

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