Creating Interactive Projects with Edge Animate

with Tom Green
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Creating Interactive Projects with Edge Animate
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In this course, Tom Green explores the emerging workflow between the Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Edge Animate through a series of hands-on projects. Discover how to create phone and tablet applications using both PhoneGap Build and Dreamweaver with Edge Animate. Then learn how to build an interactive banner ad using assets created in Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator. The course wraps up with a lesson where you use your Edge Animate skills to create projects for Adobe Muse desktop, tablet, and smartphone sites.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the project files
  • Planning the workflow of your projects
  • Optimizing and sizing your images in Fireworks
  • Adding Smart Filters and blur to video with Photoshop
  • Adding Edge Web Fonts to a composition
  • Understanding the responsive features in Edge Animate
  • Coding in Edge Animate
  • Adding content to Muse
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- [Voiceover] Well hello there! My name is Tom Green. I'm a professor of interactive multimedia, author of well over a dozen books, hundreds of tutorials, a half dozen training DVDs, and a user of Edge Animate since it's release in mid 2011. Edge Animate is a great example of a creative cloud tool that works beautifully with the other Adobe tools and services. Because Animate is an interactive application, doing everything from acting as a motion graphics application to performing mobile project assembly you are able to use this seamlessly with the other Creative Cloud products.

Here's some examples of the real world projects we explore in the course using the effects in Illustrator, Fireworks, and Photoshop. Such as Photoshop's new blur technique. And applying these to both images and video in your Edge Animate projects. Building an animation and using it as a pre-loader in Animate by taking an After Effects CS6 video to Photoshop to create the animated GIF. Running your animated projects through Phonegap Build to create versions for a number of mobile operating systems.

Explore dropping an OAM file into Dreamweaver to create an app directly in that program. Building a mobile site prototype for the desktop, tablet, and phone, by creating the assets in Fireworks, assembling the animation in Animate, and quickly creating the site in Adobe Muse. These are the projects we will tackle in this course. And you're only impediment to your getting creative with Animate is you imagination. Let's get buys and create with Animate.

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