Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush

with Jon Peck
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Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush
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Manage your Drupal sites even more efficiently with Drush, the shell interface for managing and scripting Drupal site development. In this quick course, author Jon Peck describes what Drush is, how to install it, and how to use it effectively for everyday—and exceptional—tasks.

The course describes how to manage users, download and install modules and themes, archive and restore your entire site, and employ site variables for fast, full control over your Drupal sites. Plus, discover how to script an entire Drupal site installation with and without site profiles.

Topics include:
  • What is Drush?
  • Installing the prerequisite files
  • Installing Drush with PEAR, manually, and just for Windows
  • Installing Drupal sites
  • Managing themes
  • Controlling user access
  • Controlling cache and cron
  • Reading logs
  • Updating modules
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jon Peck and welcome to Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush. I'm a Zen certified PHP engineer with more than a decade of web application development experience. In this course, we'll look at Drush, the command-line utility for managing Drupal sites. I'll start by describing exactly what Drush is and why it can be helpful, then show you how to install it and perform core functions including module, user, and cash management, plus other techniques useful for quickly assembling and manipulating a functional Drupal site from the ground up.

Let's get started with Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush.

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