Responsive Design with Drupal

with Chaz Chumley
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Responsive Design with Drupal
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In this course, Chaz Chumley takes you through the process of transitioning a Drupal website to a responsive model that automatically tailors and sizes content for a wide range of displays, from desktops to mobile devices.

The course starts with setting up the Drupal environment in Acquia and defines some basic principles of responsive design before moving on to creating a new Drupal theme with fluid layouts, fluid media, and responsive tables and forms. Chaz also covers writing media queries, which allow you to create different style sheets for each device type.

The course wraps up with a look at Respond.js and content-aware image sizing in Drupal—responsive design tools that can optimize your project for maximum performance.

Topics include:
  • What is responsive design?
  • Understanding fixed-width vs. fluid layouts
  • Working with fluid margins and padding
  • Writing a media query
  • Creating responsive menus and forms
  • Adding min- and max-width support with Respond.js
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Hello, I'm Chaz Chumley and I would like to welcome you to Responsive Design with Drupal. In this course we will explore exactly what responsive design is, why it's important when creating or modifying websites, the different techniques involved, and how that is applied to Drupal Seven. We will begin by quickly setting up our Drupal environment and installing a fix width theme and then progress through how we make that theme scalable for mobile devices. Along the way we will take a look at various techniques involved in the mobile workflow such as CSS3 Media queries, Fluid Layouts, Fluid Images, Responsive Forms, and how to apply these techniques within the Druple Seven framework.

So let's get started with Responsive Design with Drupal.

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