Drupal Gardens Essential Training

with Tom Geller
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Drupal Gardens Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 6h 6m Appropriate for all Updated Nov 10, 2011


Author Tom Geller demonstrates how to create and publish a complete web site with the powerful tools in Acquia's hosted service, Drupal Gardens. The course shows how to leverage the pre-built page layouts and add custom styling using the ThemeBuilder tool; integrate rich site features, such as surveys, user ratings, and media galleries; and push content to Twitter and Facebook. The course also covers transitioning from a Drupal Gardens site to a self-hosted Drupal site. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating and managing content and content types
  • Embedding videos and other media
  • Publishing and subscribing to RSS feeds
  • Setting up blocks, banners, menus, and forms
  • Allowing users to rate content
  • Managing comments and spam
  • Tracking site usage
  • Collecting feedback with web forms
  • Duplicating and deleting sites
  • Adding custom domains
  • Changing the site's main logo and favicon
  • Adding visual effects with JavaScript libraries
Drupal Gardens


(sizzling) - Hi, I'm Tom Geller and this is Drupal Gardens Essential Training. Drupal Gardens is a hosted version of the content management system, Drupal, which runs about a quarter million sites on the web. Drupal Gardens simplifies Drupal by taking care of some of its more tedious tasks, such as installing and maintaining the software. Drupal Gardens also has some features you won't find in standard Drupal. Such as the revolutionary ThemeBuilder which lets you create gorgeous graphical interfaces for your Drupal sites, with a simple point-and-click tool.

Like other hosted content management services, such as WordPress and LiveJournal, you can build sites on Drupal Gardens for free, if you let them run ads on your sites. To get rid of the ads, and have more storage space and bandwidth, you pay a monthly fee. This course takes you through the whole process of building a site. We'll focus especially hard on making the site look the way you want it with Drupal Gardens ThemeBuilder. But we'll also show you how to fill it with writing, images, and media files. How to manage site members, in case you decide to make it a membership-driven site, and how to take the site you created here, and move it to any web host you want.

I've been excited about Drupal Gardens since it went into beta in February of 2010. I believe that Drupal Gardens makes Drupal's benefits accessible to a whole new group of people who don't want to deal with system administration. But it's also useful for experienced Drupal managers, both for its ThemeBuilder, and as a prototyping tool. So if you're looking to get your hands on the professional-level tools that Drupal offers, this course will help you get there. Let's get started with Drupal Gardens Essential Training.

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