Drupal 7 New Features

with Tom Geller
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Drupal 7 New Features
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In Drupal 7 New Features, author Tom Geller demonstrates changes to the Drupal 7 administrative interface and other enhancements that have come out of its three-year development period. This course covers its simplified installation process, new themes that will help kick-start design projects, the customizable shortcut bar that puts often-used commands in easy reach, update procedures that leverage its browser-based interface, and a new way of defining fields to create complex content types without additional modules.

Topics include:
  • Configuring the new Dashboard
  • Using contextual link controls
  • Exploring new themes
  • Reviewing the new modules
  • Understanding the expanded block system
  • Using images in content
  • Allowing users to delete accounts
  • Testing modules with the Testing module
  • Building themes using Drupal Gardens


- Hi, I'm Tom Geller, and this is Drupal 7 new features. The content management system Drupal has seen amazing growth since version 6 came out over two and half years ago. This course gets you up to speed with all its new features quickly and easily, so you can get right to work building great websites. The most obvious change in Drupal is its interface which has been completely revamped for version 7. I'll show you how to use its new administrative overlay, its toolbar and its shortcut bar, or if you'd rather do things old school, I'll show you how to turn them off.

We'll go beyond Drupal's new look to examine features that make design, development, user management and content creation easier and more flexible. You can now add fields to content types, designate users as administrators and administer blocks all with a single click, and all without adding the modules that Drupal 6 required. This course assumes that you're already, somewhat familiar with Drupal 6, but if you're not, don't worry. Just watch my Drupal Essential Training Course. Then you'll be ready to build websites with either Drupal 6, or Druple 7.

But whether you're an experienced Druple 6 administrator, or just someone whose curious about the latest developments, this course will get you ready for the best version of Drupal yet. Let's get going with Drupal 7 New Features.

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