Web Accessibility Principles

with Zoe Gillenwater
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Web Accessibility Principles
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Accessibility on the web has been an issue for over a decade, and it remains a crucial--but often overlooked--element of web design. Instructor Zoe Gillenwater explains the concept of accessibility as it applies to the web, and describes how it affects the audience. She also covers how to set up accessibility testing, and how to apply accessibility principles to new and existing sites using standards-compliant markup and CSS. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Understanding Flex programming languages


>> Hi, my name is Zoe Gillenwater. I'm a web designer and author, focusing on accessibility, CSS and other web standards development topics. I've worked in both the government and the private sector. And I'm part of the Adobe task force for the web standards project. We're going to be learning about web accessibility principles. We'll discuss what accessibility means, what the standards are and how you can meet or even exceed them. We'll go over how to set up your computer for testing the accessibility of your sites. And we'll build an example site throughout the title so you can learn how to incorporate accessibility techniques into your initial development.

But we'll also talk about ways to convert or improve existing pages. I'll show you how to create accessible layouts, text, navigation elements, images, tables and forms, as well as how to style them with CSS, so you can successfully bound successibility with other site design requirements. We'll be using Dreamweaver throughout. But the principles and techniques shown can be done in any HTML editor.

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