The Welcome screen

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The Welcome screen

Whenever you launch {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} {italic}CS3,{plain} after it goes through its brief opening routine, you see this screen here. This is known as the Welcome Screen, and its purpose it to give you quick access to a whole bunch of different options for tasks that you might want to jump into right away after launching the program. So let's see what we've got here. On the left-hand side we have a column that let's you open any documents that you were recently working with. So, any documents that I had open the last time I was working with {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} would be listed here, and I can click on their names to quickly open them up. I also have the option of clicking this Open button down here to open any files not listed in this column. I could also just do the traditional thing of going to File > Open as well. Over here we have the Create New column, and here we have quick links for creating new pages, like regular HTML pages -- technically XHTML pages. Or, if you're working with Cold Fusion pages, PHP, ASP, and so on, you can click on any of these items to create that type of page. You can even create a new {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} site from right here. Creating a site is something we'll be talking about in depth in just a little while.

And, if you don't see the type of page you want to create listed here, you can click the More to open the to open the New Document window and browse through a list of all the types of pages {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} can create. This, incidentally is the same New Document window you can bring up just by choosing File > New or hitting Command + N on the Mac, or Ctrl + N on the PC. And over on the far right we have the Create from Samples column, and there are some pretty cool things in here. In here you can create new pages based on a wide variety of temples and samples that Adobe included with {italic}Dreamweaver.{plain} For example, you have an option here called Started Page (Theme), which gives you come examples of complete layouts in a variety of matching themes.

So you can see, for instance, we have Entertainment - Product page, Home Page, Catalog, and they all look similar to help you keep consistency within your site. Health & Nutrition looks a different way, but they all look similar. Lodging, Personal Training, Restaurant, and so on. All you have to do it click around, find one you like, and you can start building pages around one of more of these sample layouts. Of course, if you don't want that much design help, you can also just choose Starter Page (Basic) to select from some very basic layouts with no particular color schemes, and you can start building and customizing pages from here. So, if you're having trouble getting started on a new website, you can browse through these starter pages for some inspiration. There are some really good designs in here, and you can always customize them to suite your needs. I'm just going to Cancel out of there, go back to the Welcome Screen.

Back in the Welcome Screen we also have a link down here that will take you to the {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} Exchange, if you have a live Internet connection of course. The {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} Exchange is a site hosted by Adobe where you can browse though and download all sorts of useful add-ons and extensions that have been designed specifically for {italic}Dreamweaver.{plain} You'll find tons of useful actions and behaviors for very specific purposes that can really make your life easier when you're working in {italic}Dreamweaver.{plain} We'll be taking a closer look at the {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} Exchange when we start working with behaviors. And finally, at the bottom of the Welcome Screen you can learn more about {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} by clicking on the Getting Started, New Features, and Resources links.

You'll be taken to Adobe's website where you can look through what they consider to be the most important features of the program. While you're there you can watch a few tutorials, but hey, that's why you're watching these movies, right? So, the Welcome Screen can be a pretty useful springboard, especially if you're just starting out with {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} and web design. But, as you start getting more comfortable and get a better idea of how to work with {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} on your own, you might not want to see the start page every time you open the program. If that's the case, just check the Don't Show Again box right here, and the Welcome Screen will no longer appear when you open {italic}Dreamweaver.{plain} But, it also gives you this dialog box here saying "To turn the Welcome Screen on, choose Show Welcome Screen from the General category in the Preferences dialog.

So basically, if you've turned the Welcome Screen off, and now for some reason you want to start seeing it again, you miss it's comforting glow or something like that, you can go to {italic}Dreamweaver{plain} > Preferences. If you're on Windows you'd go to Edit > Preferences. Under the General Category just check Show Welcome Screen. Click on OK, and from that point on you'll always see the Welcome Screen again anytime you open up {italic}Dreamweaver.{plain}

The Welcome screen
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The Welcome screen provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training

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