Dynamic Dreamweaver Websites: Creating Login Areas

with Candyce Mairs
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Dynamic Dreamweaver Websites: Creating Login Areas
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An important but little-understood concept in dynamic web development is that of role-based logins, which allow different types of users to access different parts of the site. In this course Adobe Certified Expert Candyce Mairs shows how to use Dreamweaver's features to create role-based logins, restrict page access, build an administrator area, and test everything to make sure it works. Plus, see how to set up a development environment and work with a database from within Dreamweaver. Along the way, build your skills in areas like working with PHP, adding form validation, using server behaviors, and much more.

Topics include:
  • Installing XAMPP on a Windows system
  • Installing MAMP on a Mac system
  • Using admin consoles
  • Previewing pages
  • Working in PHP
  • Adding database tables
  • Getting data from a database
  • Building the login area
  • Planning the admin update area
  • Testing the admin update process
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- Hello there and welcome to this Dreamweaver course. I'm creating a login for a website using PHP. My name is Candyce Mairs, and I'm an Adobe certified expert and instructor. I'm also a web developer and Adobe moderator. I've been teaching classes on Dreamweaver since version three, and I love getting people excited, and familiar, with all of the various features that Dreamweaver offers. I'm here to simplify your learning process, and move you into the world of dynamic website development.

In order to create a login process, a database must be set up to store user information. This course will show you how to set up a development environment and work with a database from right within Dreamweaver. We will use features built into Dreamweaver to create a complete role-based login area allowing website access based on user roles. Course files are provided so you can set up the development environment and work through the course exercises with me.

Completed code is also provided for code comparison. Dreamweaver offers many features to assist you in creating a login area. Most dynamic websites nowadays, require a login area and I'm looking forward to getting the chance to show you how to do it the easy way with Dreamweaver. Have fun.

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