Dreamweaver and WordPress: Building Sites

with Joseph Lowery
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Dreamweaver and WordPress: Building Sites
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In this course, author Joseph Lowery shows how to create a robust WordPress-based site using Dreamweaver. The course lays out the essentials of planning a site, explains how to implement custom sidebars, and demonstrates building page templates. The course also explains how to integrate PHP functionality and extend the WordPress database.

Topics include:
  • Understanding development environment requirements
  • Working with existing WordPress content
  • Handling standard pages
  • Managing full posts
  • Coding a basic template
  • Adding a custom sidebar
  • Working with WordPress functions
  • Inserting PHP code in posts
  • Including a recordset
  • Outputting data
  • Linking to dynamic pages
Dreamweaver WordPress


- [Voiceover] A WordPress Site can be so much more than just a blog. First, we'll lay the ground work so you understand what your options are in a WordPress site. And then, I'll show you how to make those options a reality one at a time right in Dreamweaver. You'll see how to display your choice of full post or excerpt. As well as how to configure them to get the length and number you want. Then, we'll cover WordPress pages so you can move beyond the basic blog format in a full multi-page site.

This course takes full advantage of the PHP and MySQL backbone of the WordPress application to further extend the site. You'll also see how to create new MySQL tables and incorporate the data they contain on your WordPress pages. We'll leverage Dreamweaver's built in PHP server model's support to keep the coding to a minimum. There's really a ton of functionality laying under the WordPress hood and with Dreamweaver's help, this course will tune it up and help you rev up your sites.

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