Dreamweaver and WordPress: Building Mobile Sites

with Joseph Lowery
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Dreamweaver and WordPress: Building Mobile Sites
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In this course, author Joseph Lowery shows how to build a mobile WordPress site in Adobe Dreamweaver. The course explains how to prepare a site to go mobile, optimize a site's styles for tablets and phones, and implement a full mobile redesign. The course also covers working with WordPress child themes, integrating media queries, incorporating screen-optimized graphics, designing for touch screens, and working with orientation changes. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Setting up an existing WordPress site
  • Targeting configurable site elements
  • Setting up media queries
  • Preparing for adaptive images
  • Styling a blog for tablets
  • Restructuring navigation for different-sized displays
  • Developing a WordPress site for phones
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Joe Lowery. Welcome to Dreamweaver and WordPress: Building Mobile Sites. You know, I can't walk down a New York City street, or take a subway ride, without noticing how everyone seems to be using their phone to compare restaurant reviews, or a tablet to catch-up on the latest buzz. In this course, we'll help you mobilize your WordPress sites with Dreamweaver. First, we'll put down a solid foundation, so you can better understand what your options are when it come to adapting your site for a range of screens. I'll also give you the complete rundown on Media Queries, the basic CSS3 technology that allows you to create responsive web designs.

Next, we'll dive into the first of two techniques for building mobile WordPress sites. The first method, which uses WordPress child themes, is great for setting up sites that require relatively few changes. I'l show you how to optimize your CSS for both tablet and phone. Then, we'll spend the rest of the course exploring a different methodology, better suited for applying more extensively custom designs, with multiple style sheets. Along the way, I'll also show you how you could set up your WordPress site in Dreamweaver to use adaptive images that incorporate screen-optimized graphics resized on the fly, as well as restructuring your navigation as your content moves from large to small displays.

Please note that this course assumes you're familiar with basic Dreamweaver and WordPress functionality, and the integration between the two. Okay, let's get going with Dreamweaver and WordPress: Building Mobile Sites.

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