Dreamweaver CS6 New Features

with James Williamson
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Dreamweaver CS6 New Features
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This course covers the enhancements that will most affect web designers using the latest version of Adobe Dreamweaver. Author and veteran Dreamweaver user James Williamson showcases the improved FTP capabilities; the Fluid Grids feature, which gives designers a visual way to control page layout for multiple screen sizes while automatically integrating cross-browser consistency through the use of HTML5; and the CSS Transitions panel, which makes it easy to add impressive CSS-driven transitions to any element on the page through a single dialog. James also demonstrates the increased support for jQuery Mobile, CSS, and web fonts in Dreamweaver. This course is ideal for web designers who want to evaluate the software for purchase or simply brush up on all the new features.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the interface changes
  • Reviewing the FTP enhancements
  • Using the new image optimization workflows
  • Applying multiple classes
  • Applying CSS transitions
  • Taking advantage of the jQuery Mobile theme support


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm James Williamson, senior author at lynda.com, and I want to welcome you to Dreamweaver CS6: New Features. CS6 marks the latest release of Adobe's industry standard web development tool and introduces a number of important features that are designed to help you become a more productive web designer. As we take a close look at what's new, we're gonna start by introducing a few of the interface enhancements to CS6 and give an overview of some of the new service integration features. From there, we'll take a look at Dreamweaver's improved FTP capabilities, support for multiple classes, and a streamlining of Dreamweaver's image optimization work flows.

We'll also explore robust new support for CSS capabilities like web fonts and CSS transitions. If you're working on mobile devices, you'll enjoy Dreamweaver's improved support for J-query mobile themes, and if you're designing for multiple screens, I'm sure you're curious about Dreamweaver's new fluid grids feature. Let's dive in to both of those as well. So now that you have an idea as to the features that will be covered, I'm sure you're eager to take a closer look at them, so let's dive in and see what's new in Dreamweaver CS6

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