Dreamweaver CC and WordPress 3.8: Core Concepts

with Joseph Lowery
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Dreamweaver CC and WordPress 3.8: Core Concepts
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WordPress offers powerful content management for your website while Dreamweaver CC enables easy design and coding–a potent combination. In this course, you'll explore how to integrate WordPress into a Dreamweaver site, allowing you to edit and expand your code with Dreamweaver's native tools. Author Joseph Lowery shows how to take WordPress themes to the next level, using CSS customization and jQuery widgets. He also covers how to make your pages responsive to tablet and phone layouts, and develop category-driven layouts. Finally, you'll investigate how to extend WordPress with plugins, style them with Dreamweaver, and get your finished website online using Dreamweaver's publishing and testing tools.

Topics include:
  • Setting up WordPress locally
  • Establishing your Dreamweaver CC site
  • Adding and editing posts and pages
  • Customizing WordPress themes
  • Building responsive layouts
  • Extending WordPress editable pages
  • Using and styling WordPress plugins
  • Integrating jQuery functionality
  • Publishing your WordPress site with Dreamweaver
  • Personalizing and enhancing WordPress
Dreamweaver WordPress


(chimes) - Hi! I'm Joe Lowery. Welcome to Dreamweaver and Wordpress: Core Concepts. Dreamweaver includes numerous powerful features that allow you to modify the full range of code of a WordPress site. In this course, I'll demonstrate how to set up WordPress locally and integrate it into a Dreamweaver site, for more efficient development. I'll show you how to capitalize on the CMS-related features in Dreamweaver as well as the basics of working in WordPress.

Then, we'll dive deeper into the Dreamweaver WordPress workflow and create responsive pages for tablets and phone layouts. You'll also see how to work with WordPress categories to display specific page layouts and how to incorporate jQuery tools in Dreamweaver directly into your WordPress site. I'll show you how to publish your Dreamweaver work online to make sure you've got the final results up and running. I hope you're as jazzed as I am to start exploring this wonderful synergy between WordPress and Dreamweaver.

Let's get going.

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