The Application toolbar

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The Application toolbar

The Application toolbar in Dreamweaver is designed to give you quick access to program options, such as workspaces, document views and site management. It's also where you'll find panels that can extend the functionality of Dreamweaver by downloading interactive widgets or accessing many of Adobe's new online services. So here we are in Dreamweaver. The Application toolbar is found in slightly different locations on the Mac versus the PC. Here I'm on the PC. The Application toolbar can found docked with the menu at the very top right-hand corner of Dreamweaver.

Now on the Mac, you guys are going to find it right down here in your Document toolbar. So it's a slightly different location on the two platforms. Now you can turn it off. If you go up to Window, you'll find a little checkmark besides Application Bar. You can turn that off on both the Mac and the PC, slight difference there as well. When you turn it off on the Mac, it all goes away, but when you turn on the PC, you'll see that this row of icons only went away. So there is really no saving in terms of interface real state unless you're on the Mac. So on the PC, now you can just go ahead and leave that on.

So let's talk about what the Application toolbar does for us. Well, one of the most common uses for the Application toolbar is to switch between workspaces. Workspaces, which we'll talk about in a little bit more detail, little bit later on, allows you to rearrange panels very quickly and switch from one task to another in Dreamweaver very rapidly. So you'll notice that right now, we're currently using the Designer Workspace. But if I grab this pulldown menu, I can switch to the Coder one if I need to do a lot of hand-coding. I can go back to a Dual Screen layout. I can go to what they call a Classic mode, which looks like some of the earlier versions of the Dreamweaver.

Now I can head right back to the Designer Workspace. So it's very quick and easy way to access layouts for different tasks within Dreamweaver. You'll also notice this row of icons right up here. Now the first row of icons has to do with Layout. If you click that, you'll notice that we can switch between our Code View, Design view, a Split Code, which allows us to have code on both sides, which is really handy if you want your CSS on one side and your Code view on the other side, Code and Design, which will put Code on one side and the Design view on the other.

We'll go right back to Design. This same functionality is available right here on the Document toolbar, but I kind of like the fact that we can access it quickly up here through the Application toolbar. We also have the ability to Extend Dreamweaver. If you click on the Extend Gear icon up here, you'll notice that we can access our Extension Manager, which allow us to load our extensions into Dreamweaver, or widget browser or Browse for other Dreamweaver Extensions. Now I cover the Widget browser and its own movie little bit later on, but what this allows us to do is extend the functionality of Dreamweaver by going out and getting third party tools or tools that Adobe provides us that are going to give us extra functionality within Dreamweaver.

So it's definitely something you want to keep your eye on. Right beside that, we have the Site Management icon that allows us to create New Sites or manage some of our existing sites, so it's a very quick way to access those. We also have Search dialog box. If you type in a search term CSS or JavaScript, or whatever it is that you're trying to learn within Dreamweaver, it's going to take you to Adobe's Community Help portal. This is going to have articles from all over the Web, maybe even some user submitted articles. So it's a really nice sort of Community Help portal. Right beside that, we have the brand new CS Live panel.

Now this is not the only place where you can access CS Live Services, but it's a really central location for those. If I click on the CS Live icon, it's going to open up the CS Live panel. It's going to take us to extended services, such as Adobe's BrowserLab integration, SiteCatalyst, which allows you to view Web Analytics of your site, and even share your screen with So you can get into a connect session with other designers or even clients and share your screen, so that you can show them what you have going on. So there is a lot of really cool stuff right in that one place.

Now it may be a little small in size, but the Application toolbar puts considerable power in your hands. Being able to switch between workspaces, toggle Design views, and access all those external services makes it an incredibly handy toolbar to have around.

The Application toolbar
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The Application toolbar provides you with in-depth training on Web. Taught by James Williamson as part of the Dreamweaver CS5 Essential Training

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