Dreamweaver and WordPress: Core Concepts

with Joseph Lowery
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Dreamweaver and WordPress: Core Concepts
Video duration: 0s 5h 44m Intermediate Updated Oct 23, 2012


In this course, author Joseph Lowery shows how to combine the utility of WordPress and the power of Adobe Dreamweaver to transition existing websites to the WordPress platform. The course demonstrates how to create new blog posts and pages, customize WordPress themes, and extend WordPress editable pages from within Dreamweaver. It also covers how to add Spry elements, add and customize plugins, and enhance WordPress-stored content with Dreamweaver's dynamic pages. Plus, a chapter on responsive design shows how you can adapt your layouts for tablets and mobile devices.

Topics include:
  • Using the Dynamically-Related Files feature in Dreamweaver to design WordPress pages
  • Applying WordPress themes
  • Customizing themes
  • Adding Spry widgets
  • Adding WordPress dynamic data
  • Populating the WordPress database
  • Publishing a WordPress site
Dreamweaver WordPress


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Joe Lowery. Welcome to Dreamweaver and WordPress Core Concepts. In this course, I'll demonstrate how to set up WordPress locally and integrate it into a Dreamweaver site for more efficient development. As well as the basics of working in WordPress, adding and editing blog posts, creating new site pages, inserting images and other media. I'll also show you how to convert the default WordPress theme into a custom DreamWeaver designed layout that fits perfectly in a full featured site.

We'll dive deeper into the Dreamweaver WordPress work flow and create responsive pages for tablets and phone layouts. In addition, I'll show you how to publish your Dreamweaver work online to make sure you've got the final results up and running. I hope you're as jazzed as I am to start exploring this exciting work flow between WordPress and DreamWeaver. Let's get started.

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