Typography with CSS in Dreamweaver

with Joseph Lowery
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Typography with CSS in Dreamweaver
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Dive deep into key typographic concepts and learn how to manipulate type in Dreamweaver. Author Joseph Lowery introduces Dreamweaver type tools and shows how to perform basic text modifications, establish the appropriate type unit, integrate custom web fonts, and apply drop shadows, gradients, and other effects. The course also provides in-depth tutorials on structuring text with headings, paragraphs, columns, and lists, and offers a preview of Adobe's proposed CSS Regions.

Topics include:
  • Modifying type in the CSS Styles panel
  • Understanding the different type measurement unit options
  • Allowing users to set page type size
  • Employing web-safe fonts
  • Exploring CSS 3 typeface options
  • Setting up @font-face
  • Applying color and transparency to type
  • Styling the font weight, case, and letter spacing
  • Inserting drop caps
  • Rotating text with CSS transform
  • Laying out text in multiple columns
  • Incorporating ordered and unordered lists
  • Targeting lists items with the nth-child selector


Hi! Joe Lowery here to welcome you to Typography with CSS in Dreamweaver. Typography is arguably the single most important aspect of the web. Without type, there are literally no words; and without CSS, text can only be minimally styled. This course begins with a quick review of Dreamweaver's text and CSS Eccentric tolls, which we'll be using throughout the lessons. Then we'll begin to dive deep into key typographic concepts: size, color, styles, and fonts, especially the new Web font technology.

Next, we'll explore text structure starting with the proper use of headings in paragraphs, and moving on to sophisticated HTML5 headings and CSS 3 multiple columns, with a peek into the future of type handling, CSS regions. This course will also cover CSS Text Effects, including advanced effects, such as Drop Shadows, Gradients, and Rotation. Finally, I'll show you how to make the most of list, from a straightforward ordered list, to a highly styled bulleted list, as well as targeting your styles with advanced CSS 3 selectors.

Dreamweaver offers an excellent gateway to the world of online typography. Let's get on it.

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