Site Navigation with CSS in Dreamweaver

with Joseph Lowery
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Site Navigation with CSS in Dreamweaver
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Join Joseph Lowery in Site Navigation with CSS in Dreamweaver as he explores current design trends in site navigation and shows designers and developers how to create robust CSS-based navigation. The course shows how to convert HTML lists to graphical controls that integrate seamlessly with an existing site design, and how to build menus with a wide range of navigation options, all in standards-compliant CSS. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using icons
  • Navigating with Spry widgets
  • Styling Spry menus
  • Working with background images
  • Implementing sprites
  • Designing navigation with accessibility in mind
  • Adding drop-down menus
  • Developing graphical navigation with jQuery
  • Creating pop-out vertical navigation
  • Exploring CSS3 and HTML5 enhancements


Hi! I am Joe Lowery. Navigation is a critical component of almost every web site. Whether your nav menus fly out or just sit there looking pretty, they need to guide your site visitors to what they're looking for quickly and easily. This course starts by taking a look at the current trends in web site navigation, so you can get a better idea of what's possible. Then we'll explore Dreamweaver's navigation solution built with their own Spry framework.

This course will also cover a variety of navigation menu techniques and go over the step-by-step instruction for crafting both horizontal and vertical navigation bars. Finally, we'll get into some leading- edge navigation techniques, including animated image menus, as well as navigation built with HTML5 and CSS3. I am ready to help you realize your site navigation goals.

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