Dreamweaver CS5: Getting Started with HTML5

with Joseph Lowery
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Dreamweaver CS5: Getting Started with HTML5
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In Dreamweaver CS5: Getting Started with HTML5, author Joseph Lowery explains how to develop cross-browser compatible web sites utilizing the enhanced capabilities of the HTML5 specification. The course details Dreamweaver's support for HTML5, including templates, additional code hints, and a multi-screen preview for mobile device development. Tutorials on embedding native audio and video players without plug-ins, incorporating non-standard fonts with @font-face, and creating forms with spinners, sliders, and calendars are also included. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Updating Dreamweaver CS5 to support HTML5
  • Developing for mobile devices and tablets
  • Understanding enhanced structural tags
  • Creating a basic page layout
  • Drawing with the canvas tag
  • Implementing CSS3 type effects
  • Setting up styles


- Hi, I'm Joe Lowery, here to welcome you to Dreamweaver CS5: Getting Started with HTML5. HTML5 is an evolutionary leap for web designers. Although it's still in development by the W3C, many features have already been implemented, and more are on the way. You'll see how to use the new video and audio tags for plug-in-free playback, complete with graceful degradation. And what web designer has not been begging for a wider selection of fonts to work with.

The new @font-face option opens the door to a world of typography. You'll also see how to integrate HTML5 tags in a safe, backwards-compatible fashion, so you can apply tomorrow's code today. Ready to jump into HTML5 with Dreamweaver? Let's get going.

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